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Everything about the body spray

  • By Emily Inglis
  • Published 06/30/2012

Lynx products including lynx body spray come in a number of types and fragrances – Lynx cool metal, Lynx Africa, Lynx Dark temptation, Lynx fever, Rise, Excite, Twist products and many more.

Lynx cool metal body spray helps customers to maintain a cool personality under different circumstances. The metallic fragrance of this spray gets you ready so that you are able to handle complex and delicate situations with ease.

Lynx Africa revitalizing spray provides a great way for men to enjoy their day. Once they come out of the shower and use Lynx Africa, the bathroom will be filled with the perfect African fragrance.

Lynx dark temptation another popular type of body spray that comes with an amazing chocolate fragrance and also the mesmerizing odour of whipped cream to go along with the chocolate fragrance. Dark temptation will certainly make the person stand out in a party or other social gatherings.

Lynx fever is actually a combination of Brazilian hot mud and Red dragon fruit extract. This gives a unique Brazilian odour and provides an opportunity for the person to consider himself from the Latin American Continent.

Lynx rise is actually a combination of lime extract and Himalayan minerals that provides a unique fresh fragrance. By wearing this body spray, men would really feel refreshed and ready to mingle with women and girls in social gatherings.

Lynx twist provides a great opportunity to wear two different fragrances at the same time! The two attractive fragrances include fresh accords and the woodier accents. By using this product, men can really start attracting people of opposite sex.

About the Author: Emily Inglis is writing about the Lynx body spray



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