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Exacompta Basic Portfolios Reviewed


Excompta Basic Portfolios

For such a simple product, these Exacompta Basic Portfolios are incredibly versatile and great looking.  With their muted  but easily distinguishable colors they are great for filing and storing your important paperwork and documents.  These were sent over by Karen from Exaclair for us to review.  A big thanks to her and to Exaclair for their continued support of the site in helping us to be able to share all kinds of new products with everyone.


Excompta Basic Pocket Sized Portfolios – Flat and Expanded

From the photo above you can see that the Exacompta basic portfolios can be used in two different ways.  On the left you have one of the pocket sized portfolios that measures 4.75 inches by 6.25 inches and that has had the edges creased and folded into a box that can hold a stack of papers about half an inch thick.  If you want to leave the portfolios in a more flat state, you can simply leave them as is and store just a few documents flat.  The large version of the portfolios measure 9.5 inches by 12.5 inches and have several places where you can crease them creating a file box that can hold a stack of papers up to 1.25 inches thick.


Exacompta Basic Pocket Size Portfolios with an Index Card

The next photo gives you a perspective on the size of the box, but also lets you see the quality construction.  The firm and sturdy feeling elastic bands are securely held in with metal rivets that are tightly affixed to the thick cardboard stock that makes up the body of the portfolio.  Regardless of whether you use these flat or fold them up into a box, the elastic closures work great and keep everything neat and tidy.

I’ve been using the Exacompta basic portfolios to store things like financial documents and receipts that I’ll need for tax season.  I’ve found it really helpful to be able to have them color coded too.  I use black for personal expenses and green for stuff related to this website.  I guess I’m a bit superstitious and have resisted using the red one for anything related to financial documents because things like my 401K statements unfortunately already have plenty of red in them.

Again, thanks to Karen from Exaclair (Exaclair on Twitter) for sending these Exacompta basic portfolios over, sometimes its the really simple products like this that are such great finds, and these are definitely a great find.  Grab some for

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