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Exacompta FAF Pad Retro Desk Pad


Exacompta FAF Pad Front Label

This year when I was checking out the Rhodia booth at the National Stationery Show, I saw the Exacompta FAF Pad on display, which I had seen in previous years, but never had a chance to review.  This year, friend of the blog, the wonderfully friendly Karen offered one of these up for us to review.  Clearly I jumped on the chance to do a hands on review of this cool looking retro notepad.


Exacompta FAF Pad Writing Sample

The Exacompta FAF Pad has an awesome industrial/retro look and feel to it, is made entirely of metal, and was made in a workshop in Paris that was actually built by Gustave Eiffel…yes, Mr. Eiffel Tower himself.  200 sheets of 4.5″ x 6.5″  60g paper are included with the FAF Pad, and they are microperforated at the top, making it easier to rip the top sheet off of the pad.  In addition to the microperforation, the top thin sheet of metal that runs between the two brass bolts on the top of the pad also aid in the clean removal of each sheet of paper.


Exacompta FAF Pad Components

In the above photo you can see the strong solid construction of the pad, with the brass screws coming through the base of the pad and some pretty hefty bolts that you twist on to hold the paper on this pad in place.  The bolts twist on and off with zero effort, but definitely hold the paper down to the pad with no issues.


Exacompta FAF Pad Underneath

I should clarify my above “made entirely of metal” statement because if you count the rubber feet on the back then technically I guess this isn’t all metal.  Those rubber feet are pretty essential though because they keep the Exacompta FAF Pad from sliding around your desk as you write or rip off sheets of paper.  Speaking of writing on the paper on the Exacompta FAF Pad, the writing experience with my Sailor Professional Gear Fountain Pen with a Fine nib was very smooth.  The nib moved across the paper with little effort, and there was no bleeding or feathering of the ink, but I will say that you probably wouldn’t want to write on both sides of this paper because the ink does show through the back of the sheet a bit.

I’m a big fan of the Exacompta FAF Pad because of its retro looks, sturdy construction, and practical nature.  It is great for keeping on your desk for quick notes or lists, and makes for a great decorative accent to any desk.  Thanks again to Karen from

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