Excellent Performance and Delivery with the Dell Precision m6300

Dell is known to satisfy three distinct consumers with its line of laptops:

  • The home user, with efficient machines that can handle most multimedia applications and can play all video formats with ease.
  • The professional user, with the need for increased frame speeds and high-end processors for memory-heavy programming applications.
  • The mixed-user, which mixes business with pleasure.

These three can gain satisfaction from the Dell Precision m6300, which is solidly built on the outside as it is on the inside. The Dell Precision m6300 uses Intel Core 2 Duo T7800, running at a more than decent 2.6 gigahertz. As for the memory, this Dell unit exceeds the regular 1 gigabyte by adding another; 2 gigabyte SDRAM on is on board the unit.

As for the video card, a wonderfully efficient nVIDIA QuadroFX1600m has been installed, perfect for frame speed-intensive projects. Storage space for the Dell Precision m6300 is 160 gigabytes (which can be replaced of course), running at a dependable 7200 revolutions per minutes.

Performance and Look

As the name implies, the Dell Precision m6300 looks the part of an efficient, precise computing machine for professionals. Though on the larger side, the m6300 performs well for professionals, including engineers and product designers.

Efficiency in handling multimedia applications and entertainment applications is a given, but what’s interesting here is the Quadro installed in place of the usual nVIDIA Geforce. The Quadro handles engineering applications more efficiently than the nVIDIA Geforce series, which was produced to satisfy the “Doom 3 & DVD” playing market.

Though nVIDIA Geforce handles DVD pixilation wonderfully, it takes a more advanced video card to handle 3-dimensional simulations, such as those used for architecture and engineering. Polygons are refined, and are executed efficiently with the Quadro video card.

Aside from the efficient inside, the 24 inch liquid crystal display is a wonderful addition to the fast processor speed. If you are the one who likes running engineering simulations and computations, such a large screen would do great service to your projects.

Optimum performance can be seen with the older Window operating systems, such as the Windows XP Professional, or even the Windows XP Media Center Edition. In any case, Windows Vista Premium can be installed, if you’re willing to go about things at a decidedly slower pace.

Other Features

As for security features, a biometric fingerprint reader is present, which is already preferred by individuals who dislike continually logging in with a password every time they close the laptop screen.

If you’re an accountant, take note that the Dell Precision m6300 has no block numerical keypad; but aside from this little lack, the keyboard is amply sized and the keys are spaced efficiently apart.

As for portability, since it has a larger screen and is not a slim notebook, the m6300 is a bit large, but as for its weight, it is lighter than the usual notebooks. On the downside, the m6300 doesn’t have any webcam, which would be a big no-no for business machines nowadays because everyone is using Skype or some other free online messaging or voice service.


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