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Excellent Tools And Tool Kits By Makita

Makita is one of the famous companies that produce tools and tool kits. Tools are very important in construction and other works. Many years ago, tools were available with wires that needed electricity to work, but now the latest and modern technology has given new cordless technology to their tools. The companies made cordless tools which doesn’t need any wire or connection to work. These types of tools work with battery and charger. A chargeable Makita battery is in the tools that make them work after getting charged. A charger is also given to the customers when they purchase cordless tools.

Along with these cordless tools, the amazing Makita Combo Kits are also very famous. Many combo kits are made by Makita, but 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 4-Pc. Combo Kit is very popular among people. This Makita combo Kit has an impact wrench of 1/2’ that delivers 325 ft. pounds of Torque. It also has an impact wrench of 3/8’ that packs 155 ft. pounds of Torque. Makita combo Kit also has a variable speed driver drill of 1/2’ with Makita motor with 4 poles that delivers 450 pounds of Torque and it weighs 4.0 lbs. The kit also has a flashlight that has Xenon bulb; it gives light 4 hours after getting charged. Lithium-Ion battery (LXT) and an optimum charging system is also present that produces 430% lifetime work with cycles 3x more. A Makita battery with Lithium-Ion gives long time to the tools to run.

A 5x low self-discharge and 16 tight holding terminals are also present that gives constant power to the tools. A 30 Minute Optimum Charger also communicates with battery’s chip in the charging process. This optimizes battery life because it actively controls current, temperature and voltage. 30 Minute Optimum Charger also has a fan to cool battery that it can produce lifetime work. Makita gives 3 years warranty on its tools. It also gives one year guarantee on Makita battery, charger and flashlight. Makita combo Kit also has a bag to keep tools.

Hence, Makita cordless tools and tool kits are very famous. Details and specifications of them can be known from Makita website or from its shop. After getting details a customer can purchase a tool or tool kit that meets his work needs.

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