Excercise for Sagging Breasts


Authored by Stephanie Modkins in Exercise 
Published on 10-05-2009

If you are a woman over thirty, you probably have sagging breasts. Age, genetics, and child birth are often the underlying culprit. These factors loosen up the tissue and ligaments of the breast and cause them to droop. Unfortunately, without plastic surgery, there is no surefire way to lift them back up to their original state. However, exercise can help.

Exercise that tightens the chest muscles can give the illusion of more perky breasts. How? As the chest muscles firm up, they lift and push out the tissue connected to them. As a consequence, the breasts appear less droopy. Which exercises work the best? Below are three most trainers recommend women do that have sagging breasts.

  • Push-ups: This type of exercise not only strengthens the chest, but the arms too. Start off with modified push-ups where the knees touch the ground and support the upper body. After a couple of weeks, graduate to classic push-ups in which the toes and hands only touch the ground. In general, women tend to have weak upper body strength, so push-ups take a while to master.
  • Dumbbell Flies: This exercises requires two pieces of equipment: a bench and two light dumbbells (five pounds). Begin by picking up the dumbbells – one in each hand – and lying back on the bench. Then, extend your arms to the sides of your body. Afterward, lift them up and toward the center of your chest until your dumbbells touch. If you struggle getting the dumbbells up and over your head, enlist the help of a spotter. This will help prevent any accidents.
  • Incline Presses: With the same equipment used for dumbbell flies, do incline presses. First, position the bench at a thirty-degree angle. Second, lie back on the bench and lift the dumbbells to the side of the chest. Third, and final, push up your dumbbells. A sign that you are doing this exercise correctly is that your elbows will remain underneath your dumbbells the entire time you do it.

These three exercises are the main ones a trainer would encourage you do if your breasts sag. Consequently, you should do three sets of twelve three times a week. However, there are other things to help you as you exercise. Start doing them now for instant results. They are:

  • Standing up straight: Perfect posture will not only elongate your body, it will help your sagging breasts appear firmer. Practice standing up straight and walking with your feet in front of you ten minutes a day.
  • Eating a healthy diet: By eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables, you will give your body the fuel it needs to perform at its prime. The skin will remain more elastic which means your breasts will fight effects of age and sagging more efficiently.
  • Wearing a supportive bra: It goes without saying that a strong, supportive bra will help sagging breasts. A good one will fool everyone into believing you don’t even have ones. Also, a supportive bra will help save your back.

Try the above along with the exercises and you will improve the appearance of your sagging breasts. You will stand taller, look better and get the lift you desire.


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