Excite your Partner with Naughty Words for Pleasurable Sex


Authored by Marius Preda in Relationships
Published on 11-26-2008

It is natural for lovers to talk dirty. In fact, sex therapists agree that naughty talk can add fire to a relationship, in and out of the bedroom.

Of course lovers tend to whisper dirty words during sex. But it doesn’t necessarily have to begin in bed. Anytime and anywhere, you can start with suggestions hinting that you want to have sex later on. When you do things like this before having sex, your experience will be so much more exciting.

For instance, when you’re in a restaurant or bar, say “You’re the hottest guy in the room” or something like that. Call your partner in the middle of the day and tell him how much you love the thing that he does to you in bed. Can you think of more creative examples? How about sending him an e-mail which contains all of the things that you want to do to him later at home. Or maybe write a handwritten letter of the sexual fantasies you are willing to try, and slip it in his car or briefcase.

In addition, there are a lot of ways to drop sex hints even without saying anything. This can be easily carried out if you’re a woman. You can put on something sexy and dab on your favorite perfume when you see him. Wear a red lipstick and murmur a sound in his ear – even if you don’t say a word, your hot breath beside his ear will get him to start thinking about dirty things in his mind.

More so if you add suggestive words like “It’s getting hot in here” while looking him in the eye. Or you can say “This music has a throbbing beat.” Tailor your comments depending on the situation and your man will definitely pick up what you want. This may be the time to give him a taste of a little “bad girl” side that you have hidden inside of you.

Words and actions like these would definitely climax to sex. But even when the doors are closed and you are already in bed, you should still continue with the erotic talk you started. Compliment his physical attributes and remind him why you were attracted to him in the beginning. Most important, when he does certain things, let him know that he’s making you feel good to encourage him to continue with it.

To prevent from running out of words to say, you should have prepared for this in your mind before the actual event. Rehearse the future sex moves in your mind and practice saying these words by yourself. When the moment comes, you will be able to consistently say those naughty words, which would make your partner’s blood race even faster.

The most important thing is to have fun. Enjoy yourself and take it slow. If you have not yet tried to use dirty words before and during lovemaking, you are missing out on the most explosive and pleasurable sex you will ever experienced. Building on a fire and then heating it up further with these words will make your sex life even hotter.


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