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Executive Coaching Helps a Leader to Perform Better

Most corporate career path leads to role of a leader. People believe that what they will acquire in their career journey will keep functional in leadership position. However, there are some who understands that the responsibilities of a leader are enormous and an individual need to learn about the skills and qualities that a leadership role demands.

To ease the transition of a manager into the position of a leader, companies are hiring executive coaches. Here comes a question what is an executive coach? It is essential to make clear that executive coaches always do not work with an executive. They work across management and the coaches specially focus on the issues that management people face.

Skills that an executive or leader requires

Managers who are promoted to the rank of executives or leaders require

·         Interpersonal skills

·         Team management ability

·         Dealing with tough challenges

·         Comprehension skills

·         Motivating skills and others

Leaders are not always born with these skills. They require the help of a coach to develop these skills. Executive coach supports them and inspires them to maximize their professional and person potentials.

What coaches can do for a leader?

Those in leadership roles require a partner who will guide them and provide feedback on their thought process. Coaching is not intended to bring about total changes in an individual’s personality. Coach helps to define goals and focus on particular challenges. Often leaders are not sure what they want to achieve, although they have the answers for their challenges. Coaches help them to identify the true problems and solve them.

Individuals are different from one another and so are their skills and drawbacks. Hence, coaching cannot be a classroom teaching. Executive coaches work with the leaders and watch them closely while they carry on their duties. Mentors do not remove them from their area of activities. Coach also converses with them to understand their thought process. In this way a coach comprehends what is missing in an executive. Then they work with the executives to develop subtle skills that will make his or her performances even better.

What are the views of companies?

Worldwide major companies recognize the value of executive coaching and many among them have developed in-house coaches. Companies take 360 degree feedback to recognize what are the skills that their executives need to develop. Organization find out whether an executive need support from a coach or not.

How executive can make coaching a success?

However, a coaching program will only be successful if the executive understands its requirements and is ready for implementing changes according to feedback from a coach. It is not easy for an executive to accepted being evaluated by someone else. However, most leaders accept to undergo coaching since their colleagues have done so. The coaching program can be wastage of money and time without fruitful effect if that is the belief of an executive. The leader must have an objective that he or she wants to achieve and is ready to accept guidance for that matter. Feedback and guidance from an experienced coach can bring about true changes in an executive that will be helpful for the team as well as the company.

About the Author-

Rob Baptist is an executive coach. He has shared his experiences as a coach through numerous online blogs. In his opinion executive coaching program can bring in better changes when the executive and the organization feel there is a scope for change and it can be done.


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