Exercises for Fat under Armpits


Authored by Victor Roffel in Exercise 
Published on 11-12-2009

Ever felt guilty because of the fat under your armpit? Maybe it’s the late night junk food or the lack of exercise but whatever the case, removing fat under the armpit is simple but not necessarily easy. But before one can learn how to effectively use certain methods to reduce fat under the armpit, an understanding of simple anatomy is required.

The area under the armpit is made up of the triceps brachii and the latissmus dorsi muscles. Although the triceps and lats are not totally involved in this area, they play the major role in function under the armpit. The lats are primarily activated with pulling movements and the triceps are responsible for extending the arm. But by pulling in the vertical plane, both the triceps and lats under the armpit are activated.

How to get rid of fat under the armpit

To get rid of fat in a specific place, overall fat loss on the body must be achieved. Attempting to ‘spot-reduce’ an area with countless exercises will only cause the muscle to grow. The 2 schools of thought are conflicting but it is possible to combine both methodologies to burn fat under the armpits faster.

First off, fat loss as a whole must be achieved. This is done by manipulating the diet and smart use of training methods in workouts. Diet is the single most important factor in losing fat. Even with everything perfect, a bad diet can ruin everything for the individual.

It should go without saying, but absolutely no junk food and sugar is allowed when attempting to lose fat. Carbohydrates should be kept fairly low and healthy fats and protein should be the main staple in the diet. It is a popular belief that carbohydrates are needed so the body can function well. This is true but most people have taken it to the extreme. Carbohydrates are needed for bodily functions but excess carbohydrates that are not used will be stored as fat. That’s why carbohydrate timing is very important. Only consume carbohydrates in the morning and after your workouts. Also limit the amount of processed carbohydrates such as rice and noodles and start eating more veggies and fruits.

There are many methods out there which can be used in workouts but lactic acid training has been proven to be one of the best so far. Lactic acid is the waste product the body produces when strained with activities for long periods of time. It helps promote fat loss and gaining of muscle. Simply structure your workouts by doing high repetitions of a medium weight with low rest periods. To maximize the effect, perform total body workouts.

Although ‘spot-reducing’ may be shunned by many, experience has shown us that gaining muscle in a particular area can reduce the fat surrounding it. However, there is no concrete evidence to prove this. Still, there is no harm in trying it out. Add more vertical pulling motions such as pull-ups and military presses. This will stress the area under the armpits a great deal and will promote muscle growth.

Fat can be eliminated easily if you have the right attitude towards training and nutrition. No matter how structured or well-planned your workout and diet is, without a strong belief to succeed, all efforts will come to naught. Take your time and start working out to blast those fats under the armpits!


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