Exercises To Firm Up Your Inner Thighs


Authored by Sama Fazal in Exercise
Published on 05-28-2009

Fat deposition in the inner thighs is a very common problem and usually women tend to worry most about it. The inner thighs are one of those places in the body where you can easily notice fat deposition. Fat deposition in this particular place looks very ugly, especially when you wear jeans or pants. The fat deposition in this area also forces the continual rubbing of the skin, which further leads to skin rashes and discomfort while running or walking. Let us see a few ways in which this fat can be reduced:

To begin any exercise regimen, you need to have proper knowledge of how to do it. Usually, someone that is bothered by fatty deposits in the thighs will go for spot reduction. This is especially true when the person is largely happy with the rest of their body. Proper diet and exercise would help overall toning and reduction in weight, but if someone wishes to concentrate all efforts on just getting rid of inner thigh fat the following exercises may help:

  1. Lie down on your left side. Use a small pillow below the head to balance your body. Bend your right leg and make it touch the floor. Your left leg should be straight. Now lift your leg at a particular angle and allow it to be suspended for few seconds and bring it down. Repeat this ten times. Turn on the other side and repeat this ten times again. Two sets of this exercise is enough in the beginning. Then gradually increase the number of sets. You can see good results if this exercise is followed with a good diet.
  2. Lie on your back. Take a soft big ball or a pillow. Place it below the inner thighs. Apply pressure on the ball for few seconds and rest for some time. Repeat this for around 20 times. This is also a very good inner thigh firmer exercise.
  3. Most health clubs or gyms have a machine called a Cable Adductor. This machine is mainly used to work on the inner thighs. Using this machine is very simple. You just have to sit on the machine. They come with grippers for the feet. You have to place your feet on them. This machine functions by moving both the legs together, making them touch for a few seconds, and then get them back to the previous position. This is repeated ten times initially. This exercise should be performed properly under the supervision of the gym instructor. You should ensure that the legs should not be stretched more than a certain limit against one another. This may hurt your muscles.

As already mentioned, mere exercising will not fetch good results. It has to be followed by a good diet. You need to keep an eye on your calorie intake. All the exercises must be learned properly first, and only then should they be executed. Any improper way of doing them may lead to muscle spasms and other serious complications.


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