Exotic Asian Weddings

Holding weddings in exotic Asian destinations is a growing trend. While it may sound far-fetched, a romantic and adventurous exotic wedding has actually become easier and less expensive to plan. It is legal for most nationalities get married properly away from home. As more and more Asian countries open their arms to visitors looking for the perfect place to wed, there is a wide variety of quixotic wedding spots to choose from!

One of the most popular wedding destinations is Bali, Indonesia. The island’s romantic atmosphere, combined with readily available professional wedding planners, make this an ideal spot for couples to tie the knot. Couples who belong to the following religions: Catholic; Protestant; Buddhist; Hindu and Muslim, will not have any trouble finding the proper ceremony in Bali. A civil ceremony follows the religious ceremony, officiated by the Civil Registry Office. For more details on documents needed for a hassle-free Balinese wedding, there are many websites such as http://www.balimystical.com/ and http://www.baliweddingsinternational.com/ that offer all the relevant information. Hindu ceremonies can only be requested by those who have the proper documents to prove that they belong to the religion. For those who do not practice a religion, a traditional Balinese wedding ceremony may be more appealing. The bride and groom, dressed in a traditional Balinese wedding costume, march to the wedding feast followed by two beautiful Balinese bridesmaids – a simple and fun party to commence a union.

A more adventurous wedding experience would be in Vietnam where tour organizers have a set program for tourists who come to get married. The traditional wedding starts with the bride and groom in traditional wedding robes, marching down the aisle followed by a row of 8 children carrying offerings such as tea, areca nuts, rice vodka, sweet cakes and 5 different kinds of fruits. The ritual activity would then begin and the couple will be properly guided. The party then moves to the reception where the newly-wed will exchange wedding rings. For those who practice a religion, weddings can be arranged with the respective religious organizations while legal documents must be arranged with the wedding planners thoroughly as it is not commonly included in the package.

Thailand attracts millions of visitors yearly with their pristine beaches and a rich culture that gives an exotic taste. The most recommended spots for couples to exchange their vows are Koh Samui and Phuket. Wedding planners can easily whip up Christian, non-secular and Buddhist weddings. Luxury villas are available for rent in these wedding destinations at a price that would cost a fraction of what a simple European wedding would cost. The villas are big enough to hold a decent wedding party of 85 and usually come with a good catering service package.

There are many more romantic spots and more reasons to choose to get married in Asia. Aside from a great start to a life together and a unique wedding album to show off, the biggest PLUS for those who choose this path, is that the honeymoon is combined with the wedding expenses – without loosing the romance!


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