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Experience the real taste of Indian Food

Many People love to experience different kinds of food & variety from different regions & religion. Every Country has its own culture of food. Each part of the world has a distinct flavor of its food with wide range of items prepared in its unique style. Few of the most popular cuisines are Mexican, Italian, French, Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisines. But among all Indian Food Cuisine is my favorite.

India is a country of diversity with a diverse culture & religion where food has its own importance in Indian Culture. Indian Cuisine is very delicious but complex and diverse in terms of it’s geography, climate, religion, and culture. You will find the variety of dishes in Indian Cuisine: from warm tandoori dishes with meat of Northern India, to the saucy Southern mostly vegetarian Dals (legume-based dishes).

Indian Food Restaurant is not only restricted to India but now you can experience the great Indian taste across the world. Indian restaurant menu is liked a lot in foreign countries. That is why Indian restaurants are so popular around the world. This popularity to Indian cuisine comes from the different spices and herbs used in the preparation of Indian Cuisine. All the regions of the country have its own food style.

In India, North Indian Food is the most famous because of its abundance of legumes, pulses and milk products that can be experience in a single place. Indian Restaurant Food Menu consist a number of varieties in roti, parathas, dal and curd etc. and different varieties in pickles and chutneys with lots of spices added to it. It is fascinating to see restaurants in San Ramon serving Indian cuisine. One must take a bow to the master chefs for bringing cuisines from all over the world and putting in their best art to recreate the taste.

If you want to taste all these dishes of Indian cuisine in San Ramon and Hayward area then do visit Favorite Indian Restaurant or call and place your order. You will definitely enjoy the taste of Indian Cuisine here. For selecting the menu of your choice log on to www.favoriteindia.com.


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