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Exposure to climb the Great Wall in Milan deputy general

  • By helen wong
  • Published 11/19/2012

According to insiders claimed AC Milan vice-president Galliani August 5th to climb the Great Wall, in order to use in hot weather queues waiting, total money out of 3 pieces of one hundred thousand Cheap Italy Soccer Jerseys Super Deluxe VIP rooms tickets for the the Great Wall cup staff. Netease sports also linked to witness the netizen and confirmed, Galliani did go to the the Great Wall, and the “back door” to avoid the long queues of pain.In August 5th 11, real president Florentino Perez came to Milan at the Beijing Hotel, InterContinental Beijing Beichen Hotel, AC Milan vice-president Galliani to meet personally, the big two meeting has also been speculation is closeted Kaka regression. But it is not this day maximum value, according to friends bid, in climbing the Great Wall to see the AC Milan vice-president Galliani figure.

But bring the passerby is concerned with Galliani a pedestrian unbearable Beijing hot sun, smart Milan vice president he will be in the transfer market experts in jump on. Total lavish directly out 3 of the one hundred thousand price of the Italy Super Cup VIP box tickets to the presence of the Great Wall staff, vice chairman of Milan et al. In success, witnesses said, at that time the crowd all shocked, and all know that the August 6thItaly Super Cup will be a war fans is envy!Galliani’s expedition to Beijing ‘s other secret may be his new girlfriend, Manchester City Jerseys Wholesale peer media claimed Milan vice president this time brings his new girlfriend — is the Milan foreign nationals in the beautiful young lady. In the AC player of Milan team” male” stole the show, Galliani the two trivia is also of concern.

2-1 score in the Milan derby history to meet the eye everywhere be not at all surprising, goalscorer Ronaldo, Cruise and Ibrahimovic’s name is not new, but the match many of the classic elements makes it one of the most memorable matches one. The former Nerazzurri striker Ronaldo against the” traitor ” charges to wear the Milan Jersey Replica Soccer Jersey, the first half cold shot the old lord’s turn back to hit those who misled; this is a 39 year old Milan banner Maldini occupation career 600th games, this data for him or the entire football is a proud milepost; for inter the first record of the Argentine Cruise, the super substitute in the game after a one-shot help international Milan reversal; plus before the wonderful 4-3 AC Milan, inter this season with two matches, this also is the Nerazzurri after an absence of 25 years again in the League to achieve a double play in Milan.

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