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Express Your Love With Letters To My Baby Boy

  • By Phoenix Delray
  • Published 02/12/2012
  • Writing

Take the time to write a letter to your baby boy because he will treasure it when he is older and can fully appreciate the things you say to him from your heart. A nice time to write to your son is on each of his birthdays or on special holidays. Write the letters at least yearly and then keep them in a collection to present to him when he is mature enough to value them. Make sure you handwrite them because that added personal touch will be especially important to him when you are not near. What you can say in the letters to your baby boy is truly endless but there are some suggestions that will help you get started. Take time to choose some special paper to write on and be sure to date the letters for future reference.

One of the nicest things you can say to him is how much being a parent to him has been one of the greatest gifts in your life and that you will always love him unconditionally. You may want to share some special moments from the previous 12 months of special play times, new things he has learned and loves to do or vacation fun. When writing a letter to your baby boy, you may want to mention what positive characteristics you

see emerging in him such as being extra helpful to those around him or to those in need; be sure to also tell him how you feel he is maturing in a very positive way. Let him know what activities you love sharing with him and let him know your hopes and dreams for him for his future. In addition, describe what makes you proud of him and be sure to be specific when you describe what makes you proud. The words will be like nourishment to him when he rereads the letter years from now. Though you may say similar things to your son already, when they are written from the heart he can enjoy reading them over and over throughout his life. The letters to your baby boy may be a great encouragement to your son especially if times get troublesome in the years ahead. It is also very important to tell him what it is about him that you love and appreciate so much and how they have helped to shape your life in a positive way. Writing letters to him is also a wonderful way to share your confidence in his future and can motivate him to strive for excellence

When you write a letter to your baby boy, just share what is in your heart because he may never have known or been aware of what impressions, and positive impact he has made in your life.



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