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Eye Cream: The Secret To A Youthful Face

When it comes to wrinkles and fine lines, your eyes are the first traitors — even if the rest of your face is baby smooth, the eyes are the first place you’ll see signs of aging. Therefore, you need the absolute best eye cream for anti aging possible. Here is everything you need to know about using an eye wrinkle cream and banishing wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, crow’s feet — and a whole lot of other eye problems that age your face — for good.

Even if you’re young, and wrinkles are a distant thought, now is the time to start establishing good anti aging skin care habits. Your mid- and early-twenties are perfect for beginning to use an eye wrinkle cream because lines have not yet started forming — it’s the ideal time to begin taking preventative measures so you’ll have younger looking skin when you’re older.

First of all, even if you’ve already found natural beauty products and an anti aging moisturizer that works for your face, you should not use these products on the delicate skin around your eyes — most face creams are not intended for use on such thin skin, and they can cause irritation. Instead, you need an eye cream that will keep your skin hydrated, because dry skin helps fine lines become ingrained on your face. No matter your issues — puffiness, crow’s feet, dark circles or sagging skin — there is a skin cream out there for you.

Once you’ve found your perfect eye cream for wrinkles, you’re ready to apply it to the skin around your eyes, including the corners, underneath the eyes and on the eyelids (even up as high as the brow bone). However, even though you’re applying it on a good-sized area, you only need a tiny amount of product per application — a little goes a long way, and too much can also cause irritation. A dab between the size of a grain of rice and a single pea should be enough to cover both eyes without excess.

If your anti wrinkle eye cream comes in a tube, you can dab the product directly onto your fingers and apply it that way, but if your product comes in a little tub, avoid putting your fingers in it. Repeatedly putting your fingers in the jar can cause contamination and bacteria growth, and you don’t want to put contaminated creams around your eyes. Instead, use a clean cotton swab to swipe out a small amount of cream.

Make sure that you’ve removed all traces of makeup from around your eyes. Whether your anti-wrinkle cream is in a tube or tub, you should use your ring finger to apply the product around your eyes; it is the weakest finger and is easiest to control. Lightly tapping or dabbing the cream onto your skin will be sufficient, so take care not to rub or pull on the skin as you apply.

When you consistently use anti wrinkle cream, you should see results within a month or two of use.

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