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Factors To Shoot The Best Snap In The Wedding Ceremony

Wedding photography is a specialized approach of photography relating to weddings. A photographer can use his /her own techniques towards this field. It engages the couple for a photo shoot before their marriage and as well as the wedding ceremony and reception also. Now a day, the people hire a professional photographer to frame all the memorable moments in their life. All over the world, many people have engaged themselves to this special branch of photography to make their successful career path.

There are different techniques for professional wedding photography and it depends on the desire of the organizers of the marriage ceremony. A photographer can use any of the techniques. Along with, it also requires for him/her to follow some guidelines to bring a professional touch in photography. Some of the basic ground rules are discussed below:

Selection of styles

There are so many different styles which photographers use in accordance with clients’ preferences. The two most preferred fashions used in wedding photography are “portrait” and “photojournalistic”. The two most well-known styles of pictures used are casual and posed.

The portrait style ought to be able to take both casual and formal/posed shots. In most cases, a photographer uses this style to take more posed shots than casual.

In the photojournalistic style, the photographer may have the experience in journalism (magazines, newspapers, etc.) photography and he/she  takes the snaps which are not pre-planned and they are generally casual. The snaps are taken spontaneously in this method.

Camera Types

There are two types of cameras that are used by the  photographers for wedding purpose. They are medium format and 35mm. But, there is a controversy among the photographers on the effectiveness of those two types of cameras. For 35mm cameras, if the photo is enlarged than the medium format, there appears a minor grainier appearance. Otherwise, nobody can notice it unless the photo is taken beyond the enlarged capacity.

Mode of films to be used

There are two types of films to use in wedding photography. They are color or black and white. Though everybody prefers to use color films in wedding photography but black and white film has also some importance. In one hand, color films bring more clarity and accuracy of the pictures but on the other hand black and white film deliver a more artistic looking photograph irrespective of the styles of its. Moreover, black and white film lasts longer than color film. The photojournalistic photographer prefers to use black and white film but the rests depend on the couple’s choices.

Another most important criteria is the speed of films. For a 35mm camera, the focus will generally be on 100, 200, and 400 speed film. 100  speed is the least grainiest of the three and is the best in strong sunlight. 200 speed is used for partial shade or partial sun and it is the middle ground. 400 speed is generally used for wedding photography as it can be used for outdoor as well as indoor shots and it works well in low light.

Finally, it needs to hire a professional photographer in a marriage ceremony to frame the unforgettable moments lifelong. Otherwise, the couple may lose their precious, sweet memories of life in the future.

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