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Fairyland tour of your lifetime

All through our childhood we have heard a lot of fairy tales and we have grown up with the wish of being in a fairy land where everything will be so beautiful, romantic and glamorous. When is the best time to fulfill this dream partly? It’s your wedding party, a perfect time to make your dream come true with the ambience of a fairyland; with the décor of a fairyland it’s almost making your dream come true.

It’s all about the ambience, the décor that gives you the feel of a fairyland. How do you get started with that? Just contact any of the event hire companies and they would just set the theme perfect for your requirement.

How do you visualize a fairy land? A starlight blue galaxy with shades of white all over, a beautiful aroma lingering in the air, everywhere there are flowers, a mild romantic music being played at the background. Well you can have almost almost all the elements present in this visual photography in your special occasion.

A starlight backdrop hire would give you the twinkling effect of a starlit night. A magical setting to your wedding. The concept comes with inferior curtains with fitted optic lights; it gives a glittering effect as light can pass through them, and so the entire backdrop gets a twinkling effect of a starlight night. The look becomes more grand when it is coupled with starlight table Skirt/cover. The table skirts have the same material and color and same fitted optic lights. So the combination together looks very dramatic and grand.

Not only this, a chocolate fountain in the centerpiece grabs the attention of all the guests not only for its beauty but also for the warm chocolate flowing which can be enjoyed. The milk chocolate or the dark chocolate as you would prefer would flow from the fountain in abundance during the party, and which can be enjoyed every minute.

The main attraction of any party is of course the decoration the ambience of a place, with the help of professional event hire companies the entire theme can be planned well in advance to make it the most memorable event of your lifetime.

The dishes served also plays an important role and what more if they are served in most beautiful crockery and other arrangements to match up the flavor.

Every event is important, and it becomes more important if it’s a special occasion like your wedding.

Any party is incomplete with a dance floor, as it’s a fuction for enjoyment, celebration a dance floor is a MUST. It all depend on the type of lighting arrangements made, starting from disco lights to a elegant romantic twinkling one, depends on the mood you want to set up for your guests.

So venture into the most romantic journey of your life with the most exotic décor and ambience, get the feel of a fairy land tour and mesmerize yourself into the starlight fantasy of your dream.

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