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Famous Advertising Storyboards

  • By Joy Davenport
  • Published 08/2/2010
  • Screenplay

Throughout the decades, certain advertising campaigns have really hit their target. These clever composites of text, images, and action have become a part of our culture – they’ve inspired the imagination and lived on in our memories and hearts. Often, these singular ads started out as storyboards… In the early days of animation, vintage ads like “In My Merry Oldsmobile” captured the spirit of the times. This Max Fleischer cartoon is considered one of the best examples of an animated ad. In order to storyboard this classic, Fleischer would have needed to create storyboards on paper – frame by frame. Today, technology has moved forward, and storyboards can be created digitally. By mapping out the action on a computer screen, the need for a live artist is eliminated. In fact, today’s hot new programs offer a pre-loaded “cast” of characters. Users can even modify their character’s expression with just a click of a computer mouse! Obviously, a digital storyboarding program can be a great pre visualization tool for today’s budding directors. Whether you’re interested in making your mark in advertising, or creating a film, cartoon, or business presentation, you will benefit from all the tools movie pre visualization software can offer. From instant backgrounds, to special effects, to dialogue, music and sound…it’s all there to be experimented with. Refining and streamlining your script and your artistic vision is now easier than ever before!

Previz comes alive as you mimic the greatest storyboards in advertising…right from your Mac or PC! Storyboard software takes you through the process, from the first fram

e, to the final fade…if you’re still mulling over close-ups, long and short camera angles, and locations, you can use digital storyboard software to test out different scenarios. Tightening up your script is also a simple matter when you can preview your work and see how things are panning out. The greatest advertising storyboards utilize humor or poignant emotions to evoke a response from viewers. They push the envelope…finding new ways of selling products and services. If you think you’ve got what it takes to create a legendary ad campaign of your own, use movie pre visualization software to make it happen. By organizing your images, text, and sound, you can get your pre-production on point! It’s easy with intuitive, simple-to-use software programs that guide you through the whole process. You might have worried about the drama, effort, and expense of outsourcing expensive original drawings from live artists – for many budding directors, this part of the storyboard and pre visualization process can cause a lot of headaches. Using pre-loaded characters or importing images from software you’re already familiar with takes all that hassle out of the equations. The cost of storyboard software becomes very reasonable when you factor in all the money (and aggravation) you’ll save working with artists and waiting for the drawings you need.

Getting started with digital storyboard programs can be as easy as searching for online demos and seeing what’s out there. From quick, easy programs, to more detailed, layered software with all the bells and whistles… there will be something that suits your specific needs and budget. Make your script “pop” with programs that are designed to produce results that stand up against the most famous advertising storyboards around.



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