Famous American Fashion Designers


Authored by Neal F. Litherland in Fashion and Beauty
Published on 12-20-2009

There’s a common impression that all fashion (much like all history) comes from Europe. Despite the insistence by many that the fashions of London, Milan and Paris are the real fashions of the world, America is a nation that boasts a great deal of famous fashion designers. Many of these names are already household words, and the mere mention of them will make the average American (to say nothing of the average European citizen) think of the designers’ commercials, styles and in some instances fragrances as well.

First on the list of famous American fashion designers is Calvin Klein. His brand name was first launched in the year 1968, and in the more than 40 years since its debut the brand has become world famous. Underwear, scents, jeans, black and white commercials and other hallmarks can all be easily identified as a part of Calvin Klein, or CK as the brand is sometimes called.

Another famous American designer that belongs on the list is Liz Claiborne. While Claiborne is a fairly common name in a large number of stores, what she’s most known for is defying the conventions of the fashion industry regarding the body types of women that will be wearing her clothes. Unlike many of her contemporaries Liz Claiborne designs her fashions for every day women. Namely those who don’t have time to work out regularly or diet in order to fit into their wardrobe. It’s this uniqueness if nothing else that’s made Claiborne’s brand famous.

Third on this list (which is fairly arbitrary in its numbering) is Kenneth Cole. While primarily famous for shoes – hence the slogan, “what you stand for is more important than what you stand in,” Kenneth Cole’s brand makes a number of other clothing items. Leather jackets and jeans, in addition to bags and other accessories are common items in Cole’s line. Kenneth Cole is pricey without being genuinely expensive, and people who buy this brand get what they pay for in the long run.

Though the name brand might sound a little funny to some, Tommy Hilfiger is another well known American fashion designer. Representing the high end of the common clothing store, Tommy Hilfiger is famous for his shirts and jeans, casual wear and of course for the cologne that bears the designer’s name. Quality, style and a relatively reasonable price tag make Tommy stand out among the other designers.

There are of course a number of other designers whose names would be on a complete list of famous American fashion designers. Designers like Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and dozens of others are all notable designers whose brands have achieved a good deal of recognition by both the market and their peers. Of course the real measure of a designer isn’t the country they’re born in or how people react to them in a single season. In order to tell just how talented and famous a designer truly is you have to see just how long it takes their name, and their brand to finally fade from the market and the memory of the public. If that is the designer ever really does.


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