Famous Celebrity Workouts


Authored by Andy Chasse’ in Celebrities, Exercise
Published on 08-28-2009

Are you one of those poor folks that are so completely sick of hitting the gym day after day and performing the same exact cookie-cutter routine? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. The vast majority of weightlifters and recreational athletes find themselves in this situation at some point in their lifting careers. Some of these people choose to follow the featured programs found in various fitness and exercise consumer magazines, while others browse the all sorts of internet forums and look to the online fitness community for the next best thing. However, there are others that look to famous celebrity workouts for a fun break from their ordinary training program.

What exactly are famous celebrity workouts? Well, these workouts are exactly as they sound – programs that well-known Hollywood personal trainers use with their big-time rich and famous clientele. Do you really think Brad Pitt got into the shape he was in while shooting Fight Club all on his own? Of course not. It’s definitely not an impossibility by any means, but most famous actors work with a qualified fitness professional in preparation for a role that requires a high level of physical fitness.

Although many of these programs are just as poorly designed as that “sculpt your arms” routine you picked up from the latest issue of Muscle and Fitness, there are a few out there that may be successfully applied to the everyday gym goer. Let’s take a look at a couple of these famous celebrity workouts.

  • Surely everyone remembers how huge Gerard Butler looked in the movie 300, right? Even aside from Gerard Butler himself, the entire cast of Spartans looked to be in great shape. They didn’t accomplish this feat on their own. A specific “300 workout” was created to get these guys into the tip-top shape they needed to be in to fulfill the role of Spartan warrior. This workout focused on improving endurance, building muscle mass, and shedding fat – as many do. However, the genius behind the 300 workout took it a step further. The 300 workout included a number of quality exercises performed in a circuit, or gauntlet, type fashion. Some of these exercises included pull-ups, deadlifts, box jumps, and kettlebell clean and presses. The 300 workout doesn’t feature the most commonly used aesthetic movements amongst bodybuilders. Instead, it focuses on exercises to improve both performance and coordination.
  • The next famous celebrity workout we’re going to talk about is used by Jay-Z. Hip-hop alone won’t keep you fit, so this superstar turns to a unique gym routine to keep in great shape. As with the 300 workout, Jay-Z’s program isn’t slanted toward aesthetic movements. Instead, it is greatly concerned with improving overall performance while also increasing muscle mass. This workout features a number of compound exercises designed to hit each and every muscle complex in the body. A few of the exercises used in Jay-Z’s program include single-arm presses, modified pull-ups, squat-to-presses, and high-pulls. All of these are extremely athletic movements used to boost performance.

Just remember that if you’re sick of lifting the same old way you have been for years, consider implementing one of these famous celebrity workouts for a little variety.


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