Famous Mountains in China


Authored by Kennedy Allen in Asia 
Published on 08-13-2009

China is a big country full of natural splendor. Of the countless unforgettable experiences and expeditions in China, the most popular would be seeing or even staying in one of the many famous mountains in China.

One of the most famous mountains in China is Huangshan, or Yellow Mountain. This famous range is located in the south eastern province of Anhui, and was named a World Cultural and Natural Heritage site by UNESCO in 1990. These are considered pretty much the most famous mountains in China, and locals go so far as to say that after witnessing the majestic beauty and variety these famous mountains have to offer, you won’t need or even want to see any others. Huangshan Mountain is not only considered the most famous mountains in China, it is also amongst the top ten scenic spots in the entire Asian country.

Huangshan Mountain offers up a variety of things to do, from hot springs to spectacular views of sunrises and sunsets, as well as the fabled cloud “seas”. From atop the famous mountains one can witness what some Chinese people call the birthplace of clouds. These famous mountains in China are made even more popular because of their complete ecology. The range of species of both flora and fauna is impressive.

Another group of very famous mountains in China is Guilin. They are located in the Guangxi province within the capital of Guilin. There is a small town called Yangshuo which is where the mountains are best experienced and all tours depart from. While small and quiet, this town not only offers up views of the most famous mountains in China, it also offers some of the best food in the country.

The Guilin Mountains are a favored travel destination not only with foreigners, but native Chinese as well. These famous mountains in China are made particularly beautiful because of the Li River, which cuts directly through them, allowing for spectacular river tours as well as hikes, and a very interesting stone “forest”. The limestone formations found here are absolutely breathtaking and lend themselves for an almost dream like sight. Floating down the Li River while taking in the nature can be a religious experience.

Guilin is perhaps the most famously famous mountains in China and the site has been nominated as one of the seven natural wonders of Asia right alongside Huangshan Mountain. Featured in movies and books, Guilin Mountains in China are amongst one of the most heavenly scenic places on earth, said to inspire many writers and painters with its almost unbelievable sights.

While the Huangshan and Guilin Mountain ranges may be at the top of the list when it comes to famous mountains in China, this is just for scenic purposes. In reality, the most famous mountain in China is one shared with their neighboring Nepal. Mount Everest, or actually Mount Qomolangma, as it is correctly titled, is the highest mountain peak in the whole world. Part of the famous Himalayas, Mount Qomolangma is the most notoriously famous mountain not only of China, but the entire world.


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