Famous Soccer Players in History

In the long history and far reaching popularity of the sport of Football, many players both great and small have taken to the pitch in competition. From this huge list of excellent players one could refer to many aspects of the sport to show favorite players. Many techniques and styles of play offer many famous examples across an international board.

One of the great football players most well recognized throughout the world is the Brazilian player who goes by the moniker of “Pele”. Born Edison Arantes do Nascimento in 1940, his exceptional athleticism and style of play even brought about an awakening of Football within America. From his beginnings with the Santos Futebol Clube while still only fifteen, Pele excelled early on the playing field. Two years later he celebrated his first World Cup victory.

Despite frequent offers from European Football teams, Pele stayed over twenty years with the Santos Futbol Clube and ultimately became the top scorer for the Brazilian National Football team. With the rare feat of having been part of three World Cup teams, he retired from active play in 1977 but never from association with the sport that is his life.

Another of the internationally famous footballers is the Argentinian Diego Armando Maradona. With his reputation and notoriety equaling that of the Brazilian Pele, Maradona has made spectacular successes on the playing field. That he has developed a fair share of infamy off the playing field as well does not diminish his feats including the spectacular “Goal of the Century” he made against the English during the 1986 World Cup tournament.

Footballers have found many ways to claim a specific glimmer of fame. The instance of Tom Finney, who’s entire fourteen year career was spent loyally playing for the Preston North End league in Lancashire, England, demonstrated another type of fame. While never winning a championship, Tom’s playing always carried his team through the day. Even lucrative offers from such clubs as the Italian Palermo club which included perks like a £10,000 signing bonus, excellent salary and “bonuses” could not draw his loyalty away from the team he gave his career to.

And then there is the type of fame that can be had not just for talent on the field, but for one’s exploits in other parts of their life. David Beckham seems to be able to draw the attentions of the paparazzi everywhere. Not only has Beckham excelled in the game of Football, being the first British player to ever compete in a hundred Champions League games and being twice named the runner-up for the coveted FIFA World Player of the Year Award, but has excelled in many other areas as well.

David Beckham has become a long-standing part of the advertising world, trading on his rugged good looks to be a much sought-after spokesperson. He has developed his own line of cologne and attempted to lend legitimacy to the Art of Tattoo. That he is married to Victoria Adams, Posh Spice of the popular music group The Spice Girls only helps explain the miles of film used to capture the images of this famous couple.

There are many more categories that could be used to determine Football fame. These are just a very few of the tens of thousands of talented sportsmen worldwide and across time who have left a bigger mark than most on the record books.


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