Famous Twins In Hollywood And Beyond

There are a hidden number of celebrities who have twins out there. You won’t believe how many celebs have an identical (or not so identical) twin standing out of the spotlight. Watch out, Kate and Ashley – you’re far from unique in the world of celebrity:

  • Kiefer Sutherland’s twin sister, Rachel, works in post-production in film and television in Toronto. Kiefer is the elder by seven minutes.
  • Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother, Hunter, who has achieved his own fame as campaign organiser for then-Senator Barack Obama in Denver. In 2008, he was named one of People Magazine’s ‘Hot Bachelors’ of the year.
  • Ashton Kutcher’s twin, Michael, was born with cerebral palsy and needed a heart transplant when he was just 13. The brothers aren’t identical.
  • Giovani Ribisi has a fellow actor in his twin, Marissa. Interesting fact: the two were delivered by Bibbe Hansen, mother of indie rock superstar Beck – who later became Marissa’s husband.
  • Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder is a twin. His identical twin brother, Daniel, is his business partner in their production company, Greasy Entertainment.
  • Alanis Morisette has a twin brother, Wade, who records music for yoga. Alanis claims to have a form of telepathy with Wade that allows her to sense where he’s at in life, if not what he’s actually thinking.
  • Aaron Carter has a twin – no, not his brother Nick (obviously), but sister Angel Charissma.
  • Buffy: The Vampire Slayer sidekick Nicholas Brendon, who played Xander, has an identical twin brother, Kelly Donovan. Kelly even managed to score a part in one of the Buffy episodes when Xander needed to have – wait for it – an identical twin. The two have different last names because neither uses their real last name, which is Schultz, instead using their middle names.
  • Jill Hennesy, of Law and Order fame, has a twin sister, Jacqueline, who is a Canadian TV celeb in her own right. The identical twins began their acting careers together in 1988 in the movie Dead Ringers, and, more recently, Jacqueline helped out by standing in for some scenes.
  • Isabella Rosellini has a non-identical twin sister, Isotta Ingrid, who is a professor in Italian literature and teaches at places like Harvard and Princeton.
  • Identical twins seem to make it big in the music business: Evan and Jeremy Jaron Lowenstein, better known just as Evan and Jaron, hit the big time with their music hits ‘Crazy for this Girl’ and ‘The Distance’. Maybe they can get together with music’s current other twin group, Tegan and Sara (Quin – of Canadian indie rock fame), and do a Thompson Twins cover.
  • Twin brothers Craig and Charlie Reid became a huge hit in the 90s when they lent their heavy Scottish accents to the tune ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)’. The twins’ band, The Proclaimers, also topped the charts with ‘I’m On My Way’ and ‘Letter From America’.

Tragic twins – Some celebs never got the chance to show off their twin sibling due to a death. Most people will be familiar with the fact that the King, Elivs Presley, had a twin brother who died at birth, but not many know that Justin Timberlake had a twin sister, Laura Katherine, who died shortly after their birth. He referenced her occasionally in sleeve notes for NSYNC.

Some of the most famous twins are famous for their twin status more than anything else. We’re talking here, of course, about Chang and Eng, the world’s first – or at least most famous – conjoined twins. The two were born in Thailand, once known as Siam, hence the title of Siamese twins. Chang and Eng succeeded at living a relatively normal life. They even married, although they had to keep two homes as their wives disliked each other.

Perhaps the most famous twins of all, however, are Romulus and Remus, the two mythical orphans who were raised by a wolf, and whose fatal fight resulted in the naming of Rome.


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