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Fan fan has several laugh

  • By beautydress tarrant
  • Published 05/6/2011
  • Fiction

State and Christine Fan Chen dating 10 years, May 7 will be married in the W-Hotel, April 5 Open 60 million NT dollars and a giant wedding handmade wedding invitations, Chen praised the future of the state Stepford Wives: “It seems a century classic, the Barbie doll , It is now mine. “In view of large S and Wang Fei’s wedding was scolded earthshaking, the couple good advice, Evening Dresses day media VIP room is ready, to meet all needs.

State and Christine Fan Chen’s wedding I will be in the W Hotel to open 50 tables, banquet spend more than 150 million, big sisters, and married her husband Wang Fei S determined to attend the wedding, but they are not afraid of the big S and Wang Fei when asked by the media publicity stunts. April 5 announced their wedding, set up by the Jiayong Jie Huang Shuqi CH Wedding and designer hand-tailored for her Winter Wedding Dresses, cost 60 million, with gorgeous retro design, the master took six months to manually type in the petals on the skirt Mosaic crystal; antique lace vei

l is by air from France to Taiwan. Christine Fan Height 171cm, Chen states 190cm, wedding invitations were consistent with characteristics of the two long, 33cm high “giant quote, ” that surprised many friends, relatives and friends as they want to record collection, the middle cross design, in addition to representatives of both beliefs. Fan Fan pink wedding invitation is the idea, but also included “the Bible,””Psalm Chapter 23, “Fan Fan said this is the 1st black then into the house when the Fan, Fan mother forced him to read the Scripture, of great significance for the two film Wedding took only 2 hours to get. Photographer, looking to both affectionate, Fan Fan has several laugh, she said: “the image was too sharp black comedian. ” Chen states are nauseating to say: “I often say love her because love is full to the throat, Do not say I will be loved drowning. “Fan Fan said shooting the wedding arrangements, a certain satisfaction with the media,”I hope that the guests can eat, and have fun, but please please do not call me, I worry the most important in life 1 day fool . ”



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