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Fann white wedding dress has a flowing

  • By beautydress tarrant
  • Published 05/11/2011
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Look cool with a little outspoken and proud, with a gentle lazy and sexy look. This has a pure angelic smile tall beauty, in the light shade of chiffon and silk streamer, the suddenly smile, suddenly gazing, in white gauze Qingwu moment, and instantly turned into a muse-like elegance and charm.Elegant style lace gown elegant lace in the simple style, the lace to be the most attractive details: the elegant high waist fishtail Cocktail Dresses described curve, carved in the satin lining lace cover on the light, as low-key portrayal of luxury; Classic V-opening chest wrapped Shangzhui to Wen Runzhen beads, pearls and pink champagne in the mosaic crystal necklace gear, Honey lips and dark eyes filled with khaki-colored rendering the Greek romance, to create goddess style. Fann white wedding dress has a flowing, such as wizard-like qualities, such as the fairy princess-like aesthetic.

We will be happy bride through the sweet taste of sweet wedding makeup and interpret

ation of it. Irregularly irregular long tail long tail white dress white Toddler Flower Girl Dresses as the girls become sweet princess, wedding, white tail hollow carved design highlights of the whole wedding adds, giving a swaying after trailing swing feeling , with white lace and floral composition of hollow wedding with a lovely taste, coupled with the head of the white lace bridal veil will be displayed fully aesthetic.Jang Nara Korean female artist released a set of 14 new wedding photo, with a more mature image captured the graceful eyes of the majority of fans. Jang Nara in this group wedding photo studio in Seoul, a South film was finished, this is the first time, Jang Nara, Japan 2009 photo album for wedding pictures wedding pictures after the second photo. Exaggerated retro hat for the bride to bring European Hepburn-like elegance, wedding photography in the snow gives unlimited beautiful mood. Jang Nara short hair, wearing a wedding dress more elegant, pleasant bon bon, big eyes even more to recruit people love and affection.



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