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Fantastic jewelry to others as presents

  • By willson Fleaks
  • Published 06/12/2011
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As Christmas is drawing upon, many people are preparing for gifts  to family members as well as friends. As for male, we can give elegant  items which could mark their social status to them as presents. In  regard to female, jewelry is a great choice. After all, most women like  eye-catching jewelry too much. Here introduce jade bracelets and  Swarovski necklaces which are to be given to my mother and my best  friend respectively. 

Jade bracelet. Although my  mother is not young any more, she is elegant. Moreover, my charming  mother also has beautiful skin. Therefore, jade bracelet can make her  disposition more wonderful. When it comes to jade, people will think  about its high price at once. We can see various jade products in the  market but it is not an easy job to distinguish real ones from fake  ones. Usually, jade is classified as hard jade and soft jade. Hard jade  is Portland containing sodium and aluminum while s

oft jade, being  Portland contains calcium, magnesium and iron. When buying jade  products, we have to check whether it is genuine or not. First, drip a  drop on the jade. If the drop disappears quite soon, the jade is  counterfeit. Second, true jade is always cold and smooth. Third, place  the jade under bright light. If the color is clear and even, it is  perfect. Fourth, when you taste the genuine jade, you will have hard  feeling. After knowing true jade, you can decide to buy one for your  dear mother right now.  Swarovski  necklace. My best friend always prefers Swarovski among various brands  so I intend to buy a necklace of the brand to her. When wearing a  Swarovski necklace, ladies could be much more charming. Under bright  light, the transparent crystal is dazzling and brilliant. In such case,  girls can often get more second glance. Certainly, the necklace should  be kept well for long-time use, for example, it can not be touched with  water. 



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