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Fashion of wide belts

  • By Richard M. Duncan jimlady
  • Published 03/24/2011
  • Poetry

It can accentuate one’s natural curves, create an illusion of curves, make you look longer and thinner, give your body some definition and make your outfit more fashion and stylish. Yes, it is the magical belts that I am talking about. Nowadays, fashion belts have become the essential accessories in most women’s wardrobes because they are functional and aesthetically appealing at the same time. Whether it is a dress, shirt, top or sweater, a belt can always complete the perfect outfit. Turning the plain into stylish, adding the elegance with more glamour, belts are always the finishing touch of any appearances. There is a dress which is chequered with black and white in my wardrobe. I did buy it for its elegant and pretty black belt. Unfortunately, the belt was lost later. After that time, I do not wear it any longer because without the belt, that dress turn out to be a plain and tacky dress. Therefore, the significance of belt is obvious. Fashion belts basically add a whole new dimension to your style! The trend of belts began several years ago. Master the spring and summer fashion trends, how can less the hot pursued wide belts? Whether it is the sexy red patent leather or soft silk belt, the belt can always make you be fashionable in the spring and summer. Belts from the sexy Fendi and the gentle Donna Karan can be seen everywhere.  Are you vexed by the annoying navel? Choose a wide belt, it will successfully slim your waist Do you plan to have your own discount DateJust watches at very cheap price?



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