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February 2016 Goldspot Pens Prize Pack Winner


Its that time again to announce one of our two monthly prize winner’s.  Today we will have our JetPens.com $25 Gift Card winner, but first…two links to some content from our blogger friends that you should really be checking out.

Today I wanted to share some of the great work that two of our blogger friends in the stationery world are doing.  Both of these links are a great way to find out a heck of a lot more about the world of stationery, office supplies, and pens and I’d highly recommend checking them out.  Here they are:


  • I’m sure many of you probably remember the “Ink Links” that Brad over at the Pen Addict used to curate and share every week.  We all loved seeing those and anticipated the chance to check them out every Sunday, however he discontinued those a while ago and promised something else in its place…more on that in a minute.  With that said though, if you are missing them and have not had the chance to check out The Well Appointed Desk yet, our friend Ana does a heck of a job of gathering some of the more interesting and best stationery related items every week.  Her Link Love (click here for the whole archive of them) post appears every Wednesday so make sure you are checking them out!  Don’t get me wrong though, Ana’s whole site over there is worth checking out too!


  • Speaking of Brad and the Pen Addict, he has a new weekly email newsletter called the Refill as part of his Pen Addict Membership ($5/month or $48/year) that is nothing short of fantastic.  He still has some InkLinks, a smaller number of them and with some of his thoughts/commentary on them.  There are also giveaways, members only Q&A, and a thoughtful write up of something stationery related.  I signed up for the annual option and am glad I did, definitely worth it so far after having had the chance to see the first 8 issues of it in my in-box.  Check it out here for more details.

Also, before we get to our winners I just want to clarify that neither Ana or Brad asked or compensated me for sharing this, I just find value in what they both do and wanted to share with my readers here and recognize them for the great work they are doing.


And now for our Goldspot Pens foutnain pen prize pack winner!  The lucky winner for February is Cathi Eifert!  If you are Cathi, just contact us using our contact form, or reply the the email in your in-box from us this morning.  Stay tuned for our upcoming JetPens $25 gift card winner in about two weeks, and if you aren’t already signed up make sure you do so here.

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