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Fendi peekaboo embroidered tote cute and sweet bag

  • By Richard M. Duncan jimlady
  • Published 04/1/2011
  • Poetry

I certainly wonder why this time Fendi gives its collection such a lovely name – Peekaboo. But yes I should say that Fendi has again done a good job. We’ve already seen a lot of Fendi Peekaboo Satchel renditions, and here it is once again as it comes all chic for the spring season with its new melon shade. This is actually part of their spring collection, and nothing much has been changed about it as compared to the original simple Peekaboo satchels. This line seems to be stepping away from its usually ostentatious, in-your-face aesthetic and moving towards something a little softer. This new look combined with the chic Italian touches that made Fendi famous makes for an amazing handbag. The Peekaboo reminds me of a Mary Poppins’ magic bag, only loads more stylish. I love the retro rose embroidery and the way the jeweled color scheme contrasts with the deep black of the background. It looks handcrafted without looking too artsy-craftsy, which is a truly delicate balance. The generous size and multiple strap options make this bag a really practical piece. Except that its price of nearly 7,000 dollars. It’s basically the price of a two-year old economy car, and it’s not even leather. So, even though I think the Peekaboo is terribly terribly cute, I think the price is way out of line. But apart from this model, you can also go for other The author is expert on luxury Datejust II watches and composes articles and reviews on the product for a few years.



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