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Fendi purple python veins leather bag: for ladies with personality

  • By Nicole White
  • Published 02/21/2011
  • Fiction

Most ladies feel satisfied and proud when praised for their beauty. But still, lots of them are not so happy about being called pretty dolls or sexy chicks. “A ‘doll’ is not my name. I’ve got personality!” Said the girls. If you are one of them, you may have been so annoyed by this. But maybe those guys should not be blamed. You should come to the mirror, and look at yourself. Yes, probably you’ll see a pretty girl, however, in plain outfits of plain styles, without any special accessories. Then you should understand why they don’t see your personality, since you don’t show it to others.   There are things you can do to get rid of this situation. In this modern society, when people are more concerned with their looks, you are what you wear. Apart from changing your outfits, designer bags are indispensable. A bag has now been not only just a kind decoration, but also an item that convey to others the information about your own tastes and personality. If you match your gorgeous outfit with a smart handbag or purse that suit you best, it will become the highlight which lights you up and makes you shine among the crowd.    Here I recommend to you the Fendi purple python veins leather bag. The purple python veins make the bag look so special but never gaudy. And the shimmering FF logo buckle at front tells people about the fashion house it comes from. The bag makes a perfect choice for you when you are going to have some fun outside at night and it also goes well with purple nail polish or something special.    The replica version of this bag is also fantastic. The top grade replica Fendi purple python veins leather bags are made of quality python veins calf leather, with exquisite hardware pieces. The detachable metallic chain allows you to carry the bag either in hand or on the shoulder. And the design also make it a pratcical bag, which has double sections, including one zip-around compartment with another small zipper pocket inside, and one major open compartment. Carrying such a bag, you will find things different from how it used to be. If you stand among a crowd of beautiful girls, you are sure to be the most special and thus eye-catching one.   

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by Nicole White



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