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Fendi spy bags: regain the stolen thunder

  • By Julia Phillips
  • Published 12/20/2010
  • Article Writing

The biggest reason for the admiration for designer handbags lies in their power to cause heads to turn in their direction and to make their user the center of focus. And in order to express their own personalities, women turn to unique designer handbags for help, and these bags are usually pretty effective. And that’s why big brands are striving for innovations and creativity in the designs of bags. Some of them have done an amazing job. A unique designer handbag like the Fendi spy series has the ability to transform an average looking, plain dressed girl into the queen in the ball. Imagine that you’ve luckily received an invitation to a party of people in the entertainment industry with you friend. You will be stupid if you screw this up. You spend as much time and money as you can on preparing for the party because you want to impress your friends and any celebrities who might be in attendance. You want to shine there and make it your day. You are pretty confident about the success, since you have showered with praise for your style of dressing all the time from your friends and family. The party day arrives and you feel some relief when you see your friend in simple or kind of plain dress. Although the new handbag looks fantastic, still, you do not worry about that she can steal your thunder. So you walk into the party with your friend by your side and are excited by all the eyeballs you know will be attracted to you. As the night goes on, more and more people gravitate towards both of you. However, instead of complementing and admiring your perfect clothing matching, they seem more interested in your friend. Now you finally get the fact that she makes the center of attention, though you can’t believe it when you see lots of guys ask for her number. You get a little upset for all those hours spent in the shops and salon preparing for this event, without receiving one single complement from others.    You may wonder what has went wrong or … what your friend has done … you observe her again and you finally get it – the new Fendi Spy Bag with beautiful Color Bar Accents. A perfect designer handbag should have the ability to project an aura of class, sophistication and beauty. Without doubt, the Fendi spy bag is among them. Over the years, Fendi has been striving to make perfect designer bags and the Fendi spy bags caused quite a storm when it first came out. Fendi has proved time and time again they really know what a woman asked for. There are some important features that give this fendi bag the ability to stand a woman out of the crowd, including top quality materials and special style with colorful bar accents. It doesn’t matter if you can not afford the original stuff in the widow, you can get the high grade replica version of the bag online, which are almost as good. The replica version is fabulously made, with top quality calf leather, gold-tone hardware pieces and braided black rolled leather handles. If you make the right choices of the right retailers, you will also get a perfect handbag you want. The author of this article want to invite you to follow her social profile watchesfake to find the freshest information.


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