Feng Shui Decorating Tips

Feng Shui is an ancient art that teaches us how to arrange our surroundings so that we can concentrate better, feel better, and make our home look great. Feng Shui tells us that our environment directly affects us, it can affect the way we act and the way we feel so it is very important to arrange our homes so that we can live better more comfortable lives.

The bedroom

The bedroom is a very important room in your house because it is where you go to relax and sleep among other things. Your bedroom should not have any TV’s, exercise equipment or computers in it. According to the experts of feng shui, these items will destroy the good feng shui energy. Having a TV or computer in your room provides distractions and possible stress that you want your bedroom to be free of.

Keep the air flowing through your room, either open a window or use a high quality air purifier. It is also very important for your bedroom to be painted in feng shui colors because they are important to restorative sleep and sexual healing. Feng shui colors are skin tones, these colors range anywhere from pale white to deep chocolate brown.

Where you bed is in your bedroom is also very important; your bed should be easily approachable from both sides and there should be two night stands, one at each side. Also, your bed should not be in a direct line with the door; the final feng shui tip for the bedroom is: keep all doors shut at night. This includes closet doors, bedroom doors, and the door that leads to the bathroom if you have one.

Living room

The living room is where you go to entertain family and friends, relax, and where you probably spend most of your time at home so it is important that this room flows as well. First take a look at the positions of the chairs and couches in your living room; they should always face the door, wherever you are sitting in the living room you should always be able to see the door. The furniture should be in a circular or octagonal shape.

Light up all dark corners with lights, plants, or mirrors to allow the chi to flow through your furniture and your home. Your living room should feel welcoming and inviting so that people will want to come into your home, don’t use your TV or other metal objects as the base in your living room, if you have a fireplace, use that as the base to your living room.

The bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, placement is everything, if your bathroom is close to the entry of your home your chi can escape, to avoid your chi from escaping you should keep your bathroom door closed and the toilet lid shut when it is not in use. Also, a good feng shui bathroom should have lots of mirrors and lighting.

Follow these guidelines and your home will be flowing with chi in no time.


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