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Field Notes Archival Wooden Box


Kind of funny to do a review of a wooden box, but here I am doing a review of the Field Notes Archival Wooden Box (buy via Field Notes), which is something I’ve actually had my eye on for a while.  I finally pulled the trigger when I ordered some extra Field Notes Lunacy (review here, check it out because they are awesome) journals though.


The Field Notes Archival Wooden Box is made completely from birch wood, and measures 6.25″ wide by 10.5″ long  by 5″ deep with a sliding flat wood lid.  The cover of the Field Notes wooden box has the Field Notes logo and other information branded on the front as well.


The top of the lid on the Field Notes Archival Wooden Box has a small notch cut in the lower edge.  It serves as a pull so that you can easily slide the lid off as opposed to if the whole thing was just smooth and flat.  Its a very helpful little detail.


In terms of organizing the notebooks your put in your Field Notes Archival Wooden Box, they help you out by including 12 divider tabs so you can label and sort them in whatever way makes most sense for you.  Maybe by season, topic, or geographically as to where you hid all the bodies…the possibilities are endless.


According to the Field Notes website, they say the box holds 60+ Field Notes journals.  I have 54 in mind currently along with the 12 tabbed cards, and to be honest it feels a little tight.  I don’t think I can get another 6 or more in there without damaging them.  This is probably because I’ve got so many unopened packages in there so the bands and plastic wrap could be taking up some of the space.


Overall I wouldn’t say that the Field Notes Archival Box is a necessity, and its not going to floor you with its construction qualities.  Its nicely done in its subtle minimalist design, and for that I like it.  Since I signed up for the quarterly subscription and I tend to be buying extras of each edition anyway, I wanted to get at least one of these.  Check it out on the Field Notes site for yourself though.

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