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Field Notes Campfire Edition Quick Look

Just wanted to share a few pictures and details about the new Field Notes Campfire limited edition release, which you can find here on the Field Notes website.  The images on each cover show different stages of a campfire, starting with no fire at all, transitioning to a full burning flame, then finally smoldering out.  Its a pretty cool transition that is done in an artistic way that resembles a 60s-ish style printing look and feel.

The backside of each has a different description of the cover on them.  The covers are titled Night, Dusk, and Dawn and give a descriptive narrative of the feelings captured by each stage of the campfire.

Inside the Field Notes Campfire edition the paper is formated with grid lines, but each notebook as a different color ruling for the grids.  There is a brown(top), blue (middle), and orange (bottom) ink used for each of the three different limited edition journals.  I also love that they went with the copper finish on the staples with these.  For some reason I think that adds to the vintage feel that you get with the artwork on the covers.

The last cool and interesting thing about the Field Notes Campfire edition is that they come with a badge.  its kind of like a boy scout or girl scout merit badge to show you have earned your stripes when it comes to Field Notes and their limited edition campfire release. 🙂  Make sure you check these out at the Field Notes website and consider signing up for their subscription, the anticipation of their new quarterly release is well worth it!

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