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Field Notes Cold Horizon Review


Filed Notes Cold Horizon Blue Gradient Fade In and Out

The Field Notes Cold Horizon are the newest Field Notes series available to mark the winter season.  As you can see from the above photo, each of the notebooks in the three pack have a different blue shaded gradient that adorns the cover.  The covers are a semi-glossy variation of cold tone blues that range from a light aqua to an intense royal blue.  In the photo above they are lined up to show how the colors fade and transition into one another.  The feature image for this review also shows an aerial view of the notebooks for a different perspective of the shading gradient.


Field Notes Cold Horizon – From Left to Right: Light Blue, Light Green and Light Grey

One of the more unique things about the Field Notes Cold Horizon series is that each of the three notebooks in the pack have different color pages.  The colors dont jump out immediately but one notebook has light blue pages, the other has light green pages, and the third has light grey pages.  Each of the notebooks has the same ruling though, which is a darker grey 3/16″ grid.


Field Notes Cold Horizon Writing Sample

When it comes to a writing sample and the pens that handle well on the Field Notes Cold Horizon notebooks, you can see a few different options in the above photo.  The Uniball Jetstream BLX 1.0mm, Pilot Hi-Tec-C, and Sharpie Pen Medium Point are all shown above in their respective shades of green.  In the case of the BLX its technically green/black though.  On the left hand side you will notice that is the a blank page, but there is some show through from writing on the other side of that page.  Check out the net photo to see what was going on there.


Field Notes Cold Horizon Fountain Pen and Silver Ink

In this writing sample you can see the offending inks that resulted in some show through, but the only offenders were actually fountain pen inks.  This shouldn’t be a surprise on Field Notes paper though because it is not the best paper for fountain pens.  The blue ink that you see is Pelikan Edelstein Topaz and the Grey that you see is Noodler’s Leinton Grey.  The green is the same Pilot Hi-Tec-C gel ink as mentioned before, and the silver is a Moleskine Roller Pen.  I actually really like the way the silver looks in these notebooks, it definitely adds a little more to the whole winter theme of the Cold Horizon series.


Field Notes Cold Horizon Flaking

One universal complaint that people have regarding the Field Notes Cold Horizon series has to do with the covers.  Although they look pretty awesome at first with their vibrant and varied hues of different blues, they have several issues.  First is that they do show plenty of finger prints because of their glossy nature, and they also have a slight grainy feel to them when you touch them.  One of my other concerns is that even with minimal use they are already starting to show a lot of flaking on the edges.  In the above photo its hard to pick out in some places because the light reflections look like flaking too, but there is definitely a decent amount of flaking going on.  The Field Notes Cold Horizon is definitely a great looking series that has some very nice detail and its awesome that there is such variety with the colors in the covers and paper colors.  Just be aware that the covers might be a little bit frustrating if you like to keep your notebooks in a pristine and barely used looking state.

Over at The Well Appointed Desk they have a review with some additional detail and some great pictures of the Field Notes Cold Horizon that is worth checking out.

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