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Field Notes Dime Novel Edition Closer Look


If you haven’t yet signed up for the Field Notes quarterly subscription service, then you likely don’t have their latest release in your hands yet.  For their Fall 2017 release, the new Field Notes Dime Novel Edition (via FieldNotes) hit most subscribers mailbox in the last 24 hours.


This is a completely new format for Field Notes, which is always kind of cool.  The first thing you might notice is the more block-like spine rather than the traditional three staples.  Instead of holding only 48 pages, each of the new Field Notes Dime Novel Edition contains 72 pages of 70lb “natural white” paper.


Its a little hard to tell from some of my photos, but all of the printing on the covers of these Field Notes Dime Novel Editions are kind of embossed with the black printed ink filling the slight indentations of the embossing. It makes for a really nice look and tactile feel to the covers.


The back of the Field Notes Dime Novel Edition has a good deal of very small font print on it, and although it probably looks OK in this picture and the next, it does have a little bit of an issue.  First though, I wanted to point out that besides coming with a Field Notes pencil, this quarterly release also came with that little Field Notes pin that you see above.


If you look close on the left hand column here, you will see that there are slight shadows around the text for all of the letters and numbers that you see on the cover.  With a macro photo, the image is actually not bad, but in reality with un-aided eyes it actually gets a bit fuzzy and blurry. I think this is because the printed letters aren’t perfectly matched with the off-set indentations that surround the letters.


I’m not a pin guy, but in case you were wondering, here is a close up picture of the pin that came with the quarterly Field Notes Dime Novel editions.  It measures almost exactly one inch across.


Inside the Field Notes Dime Novel Edition, the pages are all blank, except for two things.  The very first page has this incredibly detailed sketch of an antique printing press.  Then once you start to flip through the pages you will see that they are all blank (un-ruled) and just have page numbers in the top right corners.


The other major thing to note about the Field Notes Dime Novel Edition is the size.  A normal Field Notes journal measures 3.5″ by 5.5″ while these Field Notes Dime Novel Edition measure 4.25″ by 6.5″ so they are noticeably bigger, not to mention being noticeably thicker because of the increased number of pages.


As always, w Field Notes makes their quarterly releases really fun, so check out the Field Notes Dime Novel Edition (via FieldNotes) and consider signing yourself up for their quarterly releases. You get emails when they ship before they even announce what the edition is, so it builds some excitement. I always look forward to those emails.

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