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Field Notes LeftHanded Memo Book

About two weeks ago while I was looking at the Field Notes site, I noticed these Field Notes Left-Handed notebooks (buy via Field Notes).  Never knew they made these but I think they are relatively new, so I figured I’d grab some to take a look at since this coming Sunday is International Left Handed Day! 🙂  Although I’m not left handed myself, I still thought it would be good to get a closer look at these and share them here.

Its a pretty simple concept that the folks at Field Notes executed on for this left handed notebook that could make your life a bit easier.  They basically took a standard Field Notes journal, and flipped it around with the staples on the other side so it opens on the left side.  The key here is that it helps to eliminate the smudging that left handed writers experience with regular notebooks as their left hand passes over freshly laid ink.

Field Notes Left-Handed Writing Sample:

Normally when I do a writing sample for a review, I might have to write it 5-6 times due to sloppy writing, spelling errors, or other general mistakes.  For this one though, before I started it, I committed to it being a once and done writing sample.  As you can probably tell, the handwriting is a bit messy, not that my normal writing is perfect by any means, but this one was done completely with my left hand  and this is by far the most I’ve ever written with my left hand.  The only thing I can say is that I definitely didn’t get any ink smudging on the paper and had no ink left on my hand when I was done. So although my writing is beyond atrocious it seems that this flipped version definitely does the trick when it comes to solving the main issue lefties have when writing, and it eliminates the smearing issue.  If you are a lefty or have a lefty in your life, these are a fun gift or item to have for yourself.  Check ’em out over on the Field Notes website here.

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