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Field Notes Lunacy Limited Edition


I’ve reviewed a ton of Field Notes journals and notebooks in the past, so this will probably be more of a pictorial type review. I signed up for the Field Notes Quarterly Subscription last quarter and I was so glad I did once I saw this new Lunacy edition announced.  The Field Notes Lunacy (buy via Field Notes) edition is the first die cut cover they have ever done, and it shows the advancing phases of the moon.


Each Field Notes Lunacy notebook has a die cut shape on the cover that when closed shows a different phase of the moon which is printed on a high quality glossy inside page.  One of the covers though actually has no cut out so its representative of just a full blackout of the moon.


Above is a scan of the inside cover of the one version of the Field Notes Lunacy that doesn’t have a die cut cover so the moon doesn’t show through on that one.  I believe that the full black out version was only part of the quarterly subscription series though because on the Field Notes site they offer three packs for sale right now, and not the four pack that was part of my subscription.  The scan gives you an indication of the great quality of this image of the moon that they used for this special limited edition.

Field Notes Lunacy Edition Inside:


Once you flip the glossy sheet that has the picture of the full moon in the Field Notes Lunacy edition, there is a pretty cool fact sheet about the moon.  For some reason seeing the list of “Humans Who have visited the Moon” made me feel like I’ve accomplished nothing in my life. 🙂  On the other side are the moon grey colored pages with rectile grid ruling that is done in a slightly darker grey shade.


Inside the Field Notes Lunacy limited edition you can see that there are black staples which blend nicely with the black cover on the outside.  I’ll share a picture of that next, but much like any of the colored staples I’ve reviewed in the past I was not surprised to see a little bit of the color coming off.


Here is how the black staples look on the outside of the notebook.  I love the attention to the all black everywhere detail to give it that total black-out space feel.


The back inside cover page has another glossy sheet with even more moon…um, facts kind of, depending on how much you believe in werewolves. 🙂

The Dark Side of the Moon:


After you finish reading about werewolves and flip to the very back inside cover there are some more actual moon facts about the dark side of the moon and some more standard Field Notes info, moon related Field Notes uses, and a ruler. The glossy image on the moon to the left is also of the same high quality as on the front, but as you can see its that other side of the moon.


The back side of the Field Notes Lunacy edition has an embossed version of the dark side of the moon.  Both the front and back covers of these have a nice and almost leathery feel to them, and the print itself is also a very dark (but not quite as dark as the covers) grey/black that keeps that dark space theme fully intact.  I haven’t written in these yet, but as someone thats been eyeing a fancy telescope that I hope to one day buy, I feel like this would be an obvious and amazing place to keep notes as I learn my way around the solar system.


The creativity and quality of the Field Notes Lunacy edition is outstanding though, and however you decide to use these, I promise you will be thrilled with the look and feel once you get your hands on them.  Check them out here on the Field Notes Website.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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