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Field Notes Night Sky Edition All Black Notebook


Field Notes Night Sky Front and Back

It was only a few days ago that I shared with you that Field Notes was releasing a new version of notebook called the Field Notes Night Sky Collection that had an astronomy theme to them.  Unfortunately by the time I received mine in the mail, the Field Notes site was out of them in their regular store.  You can however still find these in some retail locations, so check that link out for a complete list.

Field Notes Night Sky are Out of Stock but available here on eBay!


Field Notes Night Sky Black Light

Unfortunately the Field Notes Night Sky series is sold out to individual customers, but there are retail locations that still have these and also if you are a subscriber to their Colors subscription model, you can still get a set of these.

The picture above was my attempt to show the metallic inlaid stars under the light from my Ultra Violiet LED Flashlight but it didn’t have the exact effect I was hoping for.


Field Notes Night Sky Series Black Staples

In addition to awesome looking constellation map on the back with metallic inlaid stars, the staples in the notebook are also black in order to preserve the visual of “space” within the black cover.  Inside the pages have a unique “Reticle Graph” ruling which is a hybrid of a dot-grid and graph paper.  Unfortunately these are sold out for the traditional online Field Notes customer.  If you check out their post on these Field Notes Night Sky series notebooks,  you can see where else you can pick up a set for yourself.  And just as a point of clarification, these were 100% purchased and reviewed without any consideration from the folks over at Field Notes.

If you are still looking for a set, try here on eBay and you might get lucky!

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