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Field Notes Resolution Checklist and Date Book Winter 2017 Quarterly Edition

The Field Notes Resolution is the Winter 2017 quarterly release for Field Notes, and there is actually an extra item that come with this release too.  The main package of 3 notebooks has 2 different style notebooks and three different colors all together, with the obnoxious red being the cover you are looking at on top.  You can grab a set here via the Field Notes website.

I probably shouldn’t call it obnoxious red, but something about the blue font on the bright red gives me some serious eyeball stress for some reason when I look at it. I find the other two covers to be much easier on the eyes.  But regardless of that, there are two formats here.  The two on the left are both 48 page checklist notebooks with nothing else on the pages, just 48 pages of lined checklist style formatting. On the far right, the white cover version is a 56 page date book with weekly calendar layouts.

The 48 pages of checklist ruled Resolution notebooks have the simple alternating shades of grey lines to help offset each line, and each line has a circle with line through it that acts as your task or list item status indicator. Its a pretty simple, but effective layout.

Inside each of the Field Notes Resolution Checklist notebooks there is one page that is a little different than the rest, and its dead center in each one.  This is the page that proudly proclaims “Staple Day” where the books are bound together with their staples.  Obviously the picture above has the notebook sideways, and its also worth noting that the date book does not have this same feature.

So speaking of the date book, here is a look at the inside cover, as I told you, no “STAPLE DAY” which is odd for a date book, one would think such an important day would get called out. I’ve always been kind of anti-shrinkage when it comes to planners and the weekend days.  It seems kind of unfair to shrink them down to half the size of other days, but its a pretty popular format so who am I to judge, just saying its not my favorite.

Something that has changed for this year is the annual calendar that Field Notes provides with their shipment of this release.  Instead of coming printed on a much larger card stock, the calendar instead comes in this smaller version that is the same size as one side of a typical Field Notes cover.  In order to go down to this size it required them to print only 6 months on each side.

Heres a look at the back side of the 2018 Field Notes Calendar. I’m not thrilled about this change as I loved having the whole year in a small cardstock one sided view as I feel this format just isn’t as practical.  Hopefully enough folks will find this useful though.  Besides the obnoxious red eye-sore cover and the minimized calendar size, the functionality offered within this release is still a winner in my opinion, I’ll definitely be using these to try and keep myself organized, just probably not the red one. Check them out over here at the Field Notes Site.

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