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Field Notes Snowblind Giveaway to Make Room

I have too many notebooks, and I say this a few days after giving away about 10 for a good cause off-line.  I want to give away some more so today I decided to giveaway another set of the pretty awesome color changing (freezie freakie style) Field Notes Snowblind limited edition that is actually sold out unless you hit up Amazon for them.  They aren’t exactly cheap in comparison to regular Field Notes, so hopefully you can win a set here!

Here are the usual rules:

  1. US residents only
  2. Leaving a comment is the only required form of entry and that gets you one entry
  3. Tweets get you additional entries and can be done once a day for extra entries
  4. Signing up for (or already being signed up for) the twice monthly giveaway gets you extra entry points too
  5. Entries must all be in on 10/14 at 11:59PM
  6. Winner to be announced the week of 10/10
  7. Claim your prize within 30 days of the announcement or I’m going to try and give these away to someone else

Hope everyone is staying safe from the Hurricaine!

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