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File Folder Note Pad with Tabs and Ruled Cover


Part of why I love writing this blog is because I end up finding totally random office supplies that I never knew existed.  This File Folder Note Pad (buy via Amazon) is a prime example of that.  Its a little scary how much time I spend surfing Amazon for cool office supplies, but I’m glad I do and I hope everyone finds this as interesting as I do.  The the File Folder Note Pad is similar to a legal note pad, but it has 12 tabbed and ruled file folders instead of individual sheets of paper.


The top of each folder is attached to the binding of the pad, and is easily removed via the perforated scoring at top.  They come off almost a little too easily as lifting it to a 90 degree angle just twice actually made the first one start to separate from the binding.  There are four sets of each when it comes to the top, middle, and bottom tabbed versions.  In order of succession as you work from top to bottom of the pad they start with the top tab, then the bottom tab, then the bottom tab.  So as you use and pull them off you go top, middle, then bottom in terms of tab alignment.


I was surprised to see that the ruling on the folders is not only on the front, but also on both inside covers and the back.  The ruling itself is 8.5mm wide and on the right side of the back inside cover, it leaves a blank margin.  Each side also has a 2 and 1/16″ margin on the left hand side.


Here is a quick look at the back side of the File Folder Note Pad where you can see that the rulings extend not only to the very edge in the center, but also extend on to the tab itself.  I should have noted earlier in the review but these are not the weight of regular yellow legal pad paper, but actually the same weight as a regular manila file folder.

File Folder Note Pad Writing Samples:


I was curious to see how the File Folder Note Pad handled a few different types of pens because normally I don’t spend a lot of time writing on the surface of file folders besides the tabs.  I tested out a regular Sharpie marker, my Pelikan M805 with Medium Nib, a Sharpie Pen with a fine point, a Retro 1951 Tornado, Pilot Precise V5, and Pilot Bravo.  All of them wrote well and showed no signs of feathering, although I feel that the Sharpie marker did spread a bit.


The File Folder Note Pad handled the Sharpie permanent marker writing so well in terms of not showing through on the back side.  It shows through a very slight bit, but definitely not enough to be a distraction.  None of the other pens even came close to showing through to the other side though.  Overall the File Folder Note Pad (buy via Amazon) is a pretty unique and cool office supply that only be useful for some pretty unique scenarios, but its great to know that its out there.

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