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Find It Clear View File Folder with Clear Front Sheet


Its always hard to do a review of folders, so I’ll apologize up front for the brevity of this review.  Today we are taking a look at some Find It Clear View Folders (buy Via Amazon) with a clear pocket on the front cover.


The Find It Clear View Folders come in a package of six and are standard folders designed for 8.5″ x 11″ documents.  The six pack has 2 red, 2 green, and 2 blue folders.  The blue folders have a left aligned tab, the red folders have center aligned tabs, and the green folders have a right aligned tab.


The unique part of these Find It Clear View Folders is the clear pocket on the front of each of them.  The clear pocket measures 7.75″ x 11.5″ which means that lengthwise a standard sheet of paper fits, but there will be a small gap on the right edge of your paper that won’t be under the plastic film.  Obviously not a huge deal, but the plastic flap just wouldn’t be able to cover the entire front of the folder without impacting the cutout for the tab.


One thing that isn’t an advertised feature of the Find It Clear View Folders is that they seem to be slightly dry erase friendly.  I say slightly because the ink goes on and shows slight signs of beading, but then does dry within a second or two.  Its the erasing part that’s not quite as easy as regular dry erase surfaces, but it just takes a little bit of extra elbow grease and it goes away.  I wouldn’t recommend leaving any writing on for more than a day or two though or else it may become more permanent.  Overall this is a pretty simple, but still unique product and its well constructed as the clear pockets are sturdy, didn’t generate any static cling, and are firmly attached to the folders.  They can be had via Amazon right here, and would probably make for a nice addition to any organizers arsenal.

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