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Find New Business Opportunities on the Fashion Front

  • By Josef Nahum
  • Published 08/2/2012
  • Article Writing

Today the concept of fashion clearly encompasses trendy jewelry wholesale. Fashion statements incorporate accessories used by the young and trendy people. Everything that the style enthusiasts put on body either traditional or contemporary takes the form of trend and forms the crux of fashion facets. There are items like jewelry, apparels, timepieces, footwear and cosmetics that envelop the fashion world.

There are number of wholesale gift shop that offer fashion jewelry in varied locations. You can buy from local stores or online outlets that offer beautiful jewelry that adorns the body parts. Buying single pieces of jewelry is expensive affair and hence buying them online from fashion jewelry wholesalers is profitable.

In recent times of recession the economy is compelling the individuals to take up distinct types of vocations. The rate of unemployed people is increasing and there are people looking for new business opportunities. One of the best business opportunities found by entrepreneurs is to be fashion jewelry wholesalers. Running a business has its own advantages as it provides one with entrepreneurial openings and better future pros


Most of the wholesale jewelry shops deal in designer jewelry that is created by expert designer for the fashion conscious generation. The integral features and benefits of wholesale gift shop for jewelry are lucrative to lure the savvy businessmen. The significant reason to venture into fashion jewelry business is the investment safety and eventual appreciation in value of jewelry. Since there is no shelf-life and the products do not spoil after long periods it makes for a profitable business project. In addition fashion jewelry is always in demand which keeps on escalating.

But venturing into wholesale gift shop business is not easy and requires you to undertake the endeavor with strong business associate. If you collaborate with Bico you are assured of high profit margins at low start up cost. You can open your own business Bico Australia concept without paying any franchise fees. The brand Bico Australia is renowned world over for excellent quality of product line. They are gift shop suppliers to variety of retailers at fashion malls, airports, entertainment centers and online customers. The youth can easily relate with the Bico product line and make the most of the exciting business opportunity in form of a cart, kiosk or an in-line store.


Josef Nahum is the President of Bico Pacific, the exclusive USA distributor for the highly recognized international brand, BICO AUSTRALIA JEWELRY™. Since 2003 Bico Pacific has been providing unique and exciting business opportunities in mall properties, entertainment centers, theme parks, and airports with Bico Australia™ carts, kiosks and in-line stores. Visit the site http://www.bicopacific.com/

by Josef Nahum



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