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Find Online Writing Jobs And Fund Your Inner Muse

  • By Andrew Morris
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Writing for the Web

Years ago, I remember reading a quote, “The good thing about being depressed is that you can catch up on your sleep”. The author may have been Erma Bombeck, but I am not certain. The point of showing you the above is to illustrate the possibility of finding jobs online by writing. Is that depressing? Certainly not, and only if you let yourself believe that it is difficult or impossible to find these types of assignments. But as my research has found, it is not. There are multiple sites that allow you to become a member, in most cases free, and list your credentials. Then you can bid on jobs posted by others from around the world. Does this work? It most certainly does, and let me give you an example. At this moment there are more than 1500 open projects, and you can bid on as many as you feel qualified to undertake. Can you be certain that you will be chosen for the project? No, others will be bidding on the same project, but if you are persistent and creative with your bids and offers, you will at some point be the chosen writer. Once chosen, it is your task to do the best job possible, obtain good feedback, and then repeat the process. You will find the second time around much easier, since (if you have done quality work) your feedback will reflect this.

What I mention above can be repeated on multiple freelancing jobs across the web: Elance, Scriptlance, Getacoder, and RentaCoder to name a few. They all have slightly different policies, but all offer much the same service, brin

ging together those who need something written with those who can do the job. Projects number in the thousands, and can pay anywhere from a few dollars per articles to hundreds of dollars per assignment. Possibly the most profitable arrangement, if this is to your liking, is to create long-lasting contacts with those who need a writing job done on a consistent basis. With that thought, it is imperative you give your best to each assignment. Not only will this satisfy your ego when the client says “job well done”, but also foster those enduring relationships and result in a fatter bank balance. Of course, listing your credentials on Elance, Scriptlance or other job related sites is not the only way to find work. There are also multiple job boards and classified sites (such as Ebay and Craigslist) that allow you to quickly and easily reach a worldwide audience. As your name, website and reputation begin to circulate online, you will find repeat clients coming back and referring you to others. Your search terms should include the following: Freelance Writing Jobs Boards Writers Wanted Writing Jobs Copywriting Jobs Technical Writing Jobs Submission Guidelines

Those are all topics you can and should use for your quest. Are there writing jobs online? More than you can possibly imagine, so instead of being depressed and catching up your sleep, start bidding on those jobs. You will soon find yourself sleeping like a baby, restful in the knowledge that you are following your dream and listening to your inner muse.



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