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Find Out the Reasons behind Vehicle Fire

Most people tend to underestimate vehicle fire. However, intensity and casualties of any automobile fire poses it as a real threat. In the US many were killed each year in vehicle fires. A vehicle may catch fire any time for any reason. A fire may start while you are driving in highway for technical glitches or it can start after an accident.

Useful steps that you need to take while the vehicle is on fire

Whatever may be the situation;there are some basic steps that the passenger must follow while their vehicle is on fire-

·         If you are in a moving vehicle, move quickly into the breakdown lane when you realize that the vehicle is on fire. You do not have to worry about on-coming traffic while vacating the vehicle. Use turn signals, it will keep you safe from accident.

·         Stop the vehicle and turn off engine as soon as possible.  It will disengage electrical system as well as engine will stop pumping fuel into fire. In this way you can control intensity of fire.


Get away from the automobile. Remember it will be quite risky if you go to collect valuables from the vehicle that is on fire. It may explode soon.

·         Contact fire department and alert pedestrians and oncoming traffic.

It is futile to extinguish vehicle fire with fire extinguisher especially in case of large automobiles. You have to go in front of the vehicle to use extinguisher. It involves high risk. Even if you have an extinguisher, wait for fire professionals to reach the place. They are expert and will soon stop the fire.

Know the real reasons behind fire

However, it is very essential to find out the reason behind vehicle fire. Sudden outbreak of fire in vehicle may damage it thoroughly and you need to approach insurance company for recovering your losses. Insurance company will involve their investigating team to find out reason behind such fires. You may also engage fire safety consultants to know the cause of fire. Their report is essential to recover money from the insurance company. Even if your vehicle catches fire after an accident confirm it from their reports that there was no other reasons behind it.

Fire safety consultants are experts and from the damaged vehicle they can find out reasons of fire and what the condition of the vehicle was when it caught fire. Thus, from their report you can also understand whether there was any fault of yours and remain careful further.

About the Author- Rob Baptist is also a  fire safety consultant who has numerous online blogs on vehicle fires. To know more follow his articles and blogs.


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