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Find Out Why Engineered Hardwood Flooring is Best

Many homeowners prefer to have the appearance of hardwood flooring in their home. This is because hardwood flooring adds classiness and exquisiteness to home. You can install this flooring option in any of your room virtually. However, when it comes to getting the perfect look for your home through hardwood flooring, you may have to choose among different options. In spite of this, you need to consider if you opt for solid wood or engineered hardwood flooring. Both the hardwood has been constructed of a variety of woods but they are different from many ways.

Why choose engineered hardwood flooring

Toughness and durability

Most individuals believe that solid hardwood flooring is sturdier than the engineered wood but this is not true. In fact, when it comes to engineered hardwood, you can get to experience many instances that prove engineered wood flooring is the most durable. Even though, you cannot sand engineered wood flooring as many times, it is not prone to bowing and crowing. This can only happen when the hardwood is bent out of shape. Many homeowners struggle with the issue of solid wood that tends to gap over the years when it is exposed to moisture. This is the reason why it is not used in kitchens, bathrooms and radiant heat floors.

You will not have these issues with many engineered varieties available in the market. Engineered hardwood does not expand or contract. Therefore, you can easily put it in your basement, kitchens, bathroom or radiant heating areas.

Easy installation and preservation

You not only find it easy to maintain engineered flooring but you can install it easily as well. You can even carry out do-it-yourself projects with specific kinds of engineered flooring option without feeling the necessity of assistance from flooring installer. You can buy many of the planks pre-finished that require less effort to maintain. This pre-finish option is only available with engineered wood, which is not readily available with solid hardwood flooring. If anytime, an engineered plank requires repair or replacing, it is simpler to accomplish and does not require much effort.

Cost -Effective

Hardwood flooring is always an expensive option for its elegance and exquisiteness. However, whereas engineered hardwood flooring is concerned, it is much more low-priced than solid hardwood. Based on if the product is finished or not and if it requires installation, homeowners can save a lot of money with engineered wood. Solid hardwood flooring is a very costly choice for many individuals since it requires the tedious job of finishing and the help of the hardwood installer for installation job. Therefore, if you do not have unlimited resources to opt for renovation frequently, engineered hardwood flooring can be a better choice.

These are some of the reasons that many homeowners prefer engineered hardwood flooring to the solid hardwood flooring alternatives. In many cases, many individuals cannot cite the differences between these two hardwood options. Engineered hardwood offers the similar great look and is suitable and more cost effective. Whether you want to renovate your flooring or the entire home, engineered flooring is the best option.

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