Find the Best Shampoo For Yorkshire Terriers


Authored by Debra Sears in Dogs
Published on 06-29-2009

Having a Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, means that you must be prepared to spend some time on grooming and regular coat maintenance. Part of your arsenal of grooming supplies and equipment is a good shampoo. Is there one type of shampoo that’s better for Yorkshire Terriers?

To choose a good shampoo, it’s first necessary to understand the Yorkie’s coat, which is one of their most distinguishing features. A perfect specimen of Yorkie hair is straight, long and silky. The American Kennel Club requires that the coat be a dark steel blue color on the body and three different shades of gold on the head and legs. The long hair is usually parted down the middle of the back. Breeders and showers strive for this perfect look, and keep the hair trimmed to ground level.

Those who keep Yorkies as companion animals, without intending to breed or show them, still need to keep their pets’ coats groomed for the health and well-being of the dog but may have more latitude in trimming since they’re not constrained by dog show guidelines.

In both of these situations, the basis of keeping the Yorkie’s coat in tip-top shape comes down to the shampoo used. Yorkies tend to have issues with dry, itchy skin, so a harsh shampoo can actually do more harm than good. Human shampoos are generally considered to be too harsh for pets, and Yorkshire Terrier skin is more sensitive than most.

Find the Best Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo

  • When choosing a shampoo for your Yorkie, look for products that are pH balanced especially for dog’s hair and that are enriched with natural moisturizers like aloe.
    • Shampoos with Vitamins A and E add extra nutrients to the coat.

    • For Yorkies with dry or flaky skin, shampoos and conditioners with oatmeal are very good at relieving the itchiness and allowing the dog’s skin to heal.
    • Leave-on moisturizing sprays contain products such as aloe and wheat proteins that help keep Yorkies’ skin supple without drying. They also help keep the coat soft and shiny, with that silky feel that Yorkies are known for.

    Even with the best shampoo, it’s important to strike the right balance in how often Yorkies are bathed. Most groomers recommend bathing once a week. This seems to be often enough to keep their coat clean while not being so often that their skin becomes dry. Show dogs are often bathed more often than that, as they’re groomed more often for competitions.

    Being a proud parent of a Yorkshire Terrier means spending time and money on bathing and grooming these little dogs. Finding the best shampoo for your Yorkie may require some trial and error, but the reward in having a beautiful, healthy dog make your efforts well worth it.


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