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Find the Reasons to Appoint a Trained Caregiver for an Elderly Family Member

  • By Rose Hamilton
  • Published 02/6/2013

Why is training important for individuals taking care of the elderly? The majority of care recipients and their families prefer trained caregivers. There are a number of reasons that make this the popular choice.

Here are the reasons that prompt care recipients and their families to make this decision.

Reason 1: A trained caregiver understands the physiological, social and behavioural changes that happen with age. Different physical and psychological changes in the elderly individual may make it difficult for the family carer to provide appropriate care.

On the other hand, a caregiver with the necessary understanding knows all about these changes and how they affect the elderly care recipient. They can create the right care plan, based on their knowledge, and provide the necessary services, based on their training.

Reason 2: A trained caregiver knows the right way to communicate with the care recipient. It may often become difficult to understand an elderly individual’s needs and wants, especially if he/she cannot express it properly.

However, a caregiver has specific training for initiating verbal and non-verbal communication. This makes it easier for the care recipient and the carer to understand and correspond to each other. Effective communication also ensures that loneliness does not lead to depression in the elderly patient.

Reason 3

: A trained caregiver has the skills necessary for patient handling and moving. With age, an individual often becomes frail and vulnerable. Without an understanding of the physiological condition of the patient, handling and moving him/her may not be a good idea.

The professional assigned to the care of the older person has the right skills to handle and move a patient with minimal impact. This ensures that the frail bones and vulnerable muscles and tissues do not suffer any damage due to exertion. This is especially important for elderly individuals with conditions such as osteoporosis.

Reason 4: A trained caregiver is aware of the common age-related problems and the right time to seek advice from a medical practitioner. While the family may not understand the symptoms of an age-related health condition, a professional can detect it with ease.

Early detection of an age-related condition such as Alzheimer is always better. This gives the medical practitioner the time for treatment. Moreover, the carer will also be able to provide the appropriate and adequate care suitable for an elderly individual who suffers from a specific health condition.

Reason 5: A trained caregiver realises the importance of infection prevention and control necessary for the proper care of the elderly individuals. Without the understanding of this, the elderly individual may become susceptible to life-threatening infections.

It is not possible for the family of the care recipient to prevent and control infections without the knowledge of this. The caregivers are, however, have a detailed knowledge of this; a skill that makes them capable of ensuring the health and well-being of the elderly individual from dangerous infections.

While you may take care of an elderly member of your family on your own or with the help of other family members, the lack of the right skills may make things difficult. It is often the best idea to find a caregiver who has the right training for handling this responsibility.

Author Bio 

Rose Hamilton has long been associated with an institute providing training courses for caregivers. She emphasises the importance of right training of caregivers for handling the responsibilities associated with their jobs. For this, she suggests caregivers undergo training in courses such as Introduction to Nursing and Health and Safety at Work.


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