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Find the timeless classic hermes

As a beloved brand to the global celebrities and stars, Hermes is famous for its leather legend which is through time and space. This legend is made by its superb craftsmanship and the favor from many users of all ages. And therefore it will last from generation to generation. The old family leather crafts house – Hermes is the most prestigious partners that worthy exploration. It will help us to taste more favors from the culture, time and nature. Every leather design of Hermes is given a special title and tags, conveying a special feeling and style. There are many classic styles of Hermes bags such as Plume, Bolide, Sac à dépêches, Verrou, Trim, Evelyne, Picotin , Jypsiere and Lindy, also Kelly and Birkin bags which are with the absolute legend color are well loved by stars. Of course, the famous H-shaped hasp Constance is also classic and timeless. These classic and fashion styles of bags are worthwhile for usage and collection. Of them, Kelly Bags and the Birkin Bags are those bags have some stories. In fact, it is with a period of history when it is known the world. As the most veteran evergreen among the Hermes leather products, In 1956 the photo on which Morocco’s Princess Grace Kelly carried with an originally hunter designed “saddle bags” to cover her pregnant body was covered the “Life” magazine, the whole are in the crazy of fashion, which give the name to this kind of bags. Kelly bags are with the most appealing all the times. In 1983, the French actress Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas, the head of the Hermes fifth generation, sat next to each other on the plane. Birkin complained to Dumas that she could not find the suitable and useful weekend bag. And she had a description of her ideal bag. One day soon after, Birkin had received a bag that was named from her. This is bag is one of the most sought after bags of Hermes – Birkin Bag. A story of encounters on the plane led the born of the elegant and practical Birkin Bag whose design is based on the saddle bags and which has the larger size than a Kelly Bag and also The author is specialist on Harry Winston duplicate watches and composes articles or blog posts on the subject for long time.



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